Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray

RRP: £3.99 for 300ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Contains a heat activated complex to help protect hair when drying and straightening."

A professional, slim black spray bottle, with a striking white and purple colour scheme used for the company logo and product information. It's also of a good portable size, measuring in at 23cm/9 inches tall. In keeping with Tresemme's image, it really does look like it's come straight off the shelf in a professional hairdresser's. If it isn't TRULY used by salons as their advertisements claim, then they do a pretty damn good job at faking it.

There's a plastic clip on the spray action part of the bottle, which they recommend using as a clamp between uses if you have young children. Since I don't have young children, I threw the clamp away. If you keep it, though, you need to remove the clamp before each use. When you've removed the clamp, simply spray the product onto wet hair before drying. In a way it's difficult to apply as it doesn't emerge from the bottle in huge clouds like with a hairspray, but rather, in short bursts, more like a cleaning spray. Consequently it can be difficult to tell where you've applied it, so there's a real possibility of wastage.

The spray appears to be clear and there's no visible residue on the hair after use.

It smells fruity but not too sweet, and again, the scent wouldn't be out of place in all the sounds and smells of the hairdresser's salon. The smell also lingers on your hair for a reasonable amount of time. While the spray could easily be used by women and men, I don't know if men would find the scent too girly.

--How much do you need to use?--
Earlier I spoke about the risk of wastage - however, this can be avoided, as just a few quick spritzes is easily enough to protect your hair, particularly if you spread it through your hair with your fingers.

--Washing out--
No need to wash out the spray - leave it in while your hair dries.

--How does your hair look and feel afterwards?--
Definitely de-frizzified. It looks and feels much smoother and less dry. Even a day after using the spray on my hair and being rained on, my hair still felt smooth the next day, even without washing. It doesn't feel at all claggy, gluey or sticky before or after use.

--Effects throughout the day--
As mentioned, the effects of this spray seem pretty constant. With continued use over the weeks and months, things can only improve.

--Value for money--
Excellent, particularly if you catch Superdrug on a day where they're selling them on a Buy One Get One Free deal.

--Other comments--
Tresemme has also recently released a new range of sprays, in its Thermal Creations range - the Heat Tamer Spray and the Curl Activator Spray.

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