Thursday, 6 March 2008

Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer

RRP: £6.99

no. of shades available: 3

--What does the promo say?--
"Ever wondered how top models keep their skin looking flawless at all times? Tried backstage by professional make-up artists at the hottest catwalk shows, new Mastertouch Concealer is a miracle product to give you the expert touch of a professional make-up artist. With an easy-to-apply texture it hides blemishes. It’s all down to a special skin smoothing applicator and light-diffusing creamy formula that makes precise coverage a breeze!"

Slender black and clear plastic pen-type packaging, with the Max Factor logo on the black parts of the packaging in white, and a clear lid showing the brush end clearly. The other end of the pen has a twist mechanism and the clear parts of the packaging show the where the concealer is stored, which is always useful for seeing how much you have left. The pen end is made of sponge rather than being a brush or made of plastic - this is something of a downside as any excess tends to be soaked into the sponge and thus wasted. Nice to look at and the packaging is a good match to the new Max Factor foundation, Miracle Touch, which was released at about the same time and uses the same black-and-clear theme.

Twist the end of the pen that DOESN'T have the nib of the pen attached. You luckily don't have to twist for too long for the concealer to appear at the end of the pen, and it doesn't all shoot out at once sending concealer everywhere. Apply to blemishes on your face directly with the nib of the pen and then use your fingers or a separate brush or sponge to blend (using the nib of the pen to blend is unsuccessful as it just adds more concealer/spreads the concealer around your face).

Perfect - not too runny or thick, and not too heavy. Lovely, light, creamy consistency.

Sadly the results were not all I'd hoped for. Despite choosing the lightest shade available, it still seemed rather orange on my pale skin, and it seemed patchy rather than helping to create a perfectly smooth base. A lot of work therefore had to be done with my foundation and powder to make up for this.

Good, but not good enough - it certainly doesn't last all day.

Good initially, but as implied above, will need topping up.

--Value for money--
I got mine free with said Max Factor foundation, so I don't really feel I've lost anything. However, I'd recommend spending the same money on L'Oreal's Touche Magique, particularly since there are far more shades available on that product than on this. Overall, something of a disappointment.


Fina-Bina :) said...

How do you use it? Because i got mine today and i haven't figured out how to use it!!!!!????????

BiancaP said...

Hi there

As mentioned, you need to twist the end of the pen to make concealer appear. Use before or after foundation to conceal blemishes. Hope this helps a bit :)