Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick

RRP: £1.50
no. of shades available: 5

--What does the promo say?--
"A creamy formula for concealing skin blemishes and spots. Looks like a lipstick and handy for keeping in your bag. Improved skin adherence for long-lasting wear."

As promised, this packaging is pretty lipstick-like. I personally would call it an 'old-style' concealer - it was certainly the first type of concealer I used (a stick) and the fashion now seems to be leaning towards these twisty pen type things. However, this style is still a popular choice for young girls, and understandably so - it's discreet, affordable, easy to use and virtually every brand will have a concealer of this type, so the choice on the market is huge. This one's pretty standard and the colour scheme means that nobody should be ashamed to have it in their skincare repertoire, whether you're 14 or 24, boy or girl. The lid is white, with the blue logo matching the base of the stick. The lid is very minimal with little information - the name of the product, what it does ("covers skin blemishes), the company logo, and the usual product life sign (12 months in this case). Simple, well-presented and put together, and no risk of mess or damage (it closes securely).

The simplicity of this kind of concealer is intrinsic to its appeal. Pull off the lid, and apply to blemishes - either directly from the stick, by using your fingers, or by using a brush. Then blend.

The colour seems accurate even on the stick itself - sometimes colours can appear darker or lighter on the stick than on the face - and when applied there's no disappointment. The colour matches the skin tone well and blends in perfectly, even if you're not wearing other Collection 2000 makeup. It also wears very well on its own - always a mark of a good concealer.

Creamy and really feels nice to apply. And because it's a stick, it's not runny with it either as some concealers can be. Bonus.

Excellent. I have no faults to pick here.

Also excellent - their claim of 'increased skin adherence' doesn't lie. And because it's a stick, the composition of the stuff is thicker than a liquid concealer, so it's already more heavy-duty to begin with.

--Value for money--
Let's face it, I've yet to see anyone argue with a price of £1.50. This is probably *the* best cheap concealer on the market. It has no adverse effects on the skin and really delivers what it promises. My only misgiving would be the lack of shades available overall, even though mine suits me well, but this is common among cheaper brands and is the only reason you might need to upgrade from this thoroughly excellent product.

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