Thursday, 17 June 2010

Liz Earle Mineral Sun Cream SPF20

RRP: from £6.50

--What does the promo say?--"Perfect for all the family, our light, non-greasy mineral sun cream reflects rather than absorbs harmful UVB and UVA rays which can lead to skin damage and premature ageing."

The purple colour of the plastic tube is attractive and unusual for a suncare product. The flip top lid is secure and the information given on the front and back of the tube is simple and easy to follow.

Apply liberally to clean, dry skin; rub in until fully absorbed. All very normal - however, application is not always completely easy as the cream is very stiff, and so doesn't rub in as effortlessly as mainstream brands of suncream.

There is a very natural scent to this suncare product, which I believe comes chiefly from the green tea and shea butter that it contains. Subtle and unisex, it's not at all invasive and definitely beats the commercial suncream smell.

This, too, is also unlike the usual sunscreens that you see, but not necessarily in a good way; the lotion is an unattractive pale brown/beige colour which, while it is does not result in any visible residue on the skin, could initially put some people off. However, the fact that it is perhaps a more natural colour (rather than the doctored bright white that we are used to seeing dispensed from suncream tubes and bottles) may have the opposite effect for some.

--Texture and consistency--
As previously mentioned, this 'cream' is very stiff and not always easy to rub in. Prepare to put some back into it! However, despite this, it does absorb well. Good things come to those who wait...

--Protection factor--
At SPF 20, this should suit even children and the fair-skinned. It lasts well on the skin, preventing sun damage, redness and burning. However, the fact that it is not waterproof may be a major downside for some, as it would mean reapplying the product repeatedly before and after contact with water. Nevertheless, I have not tested this aspect of the product yet, so who knows? I could be pleasantly surprised to find that the warning of it not necessarily being waterproof is just the company covering their backs. We'll find out when I hit the swimming pool this weekend.

--Value for money--
Some obvious downsides - such as the potential lack of any waterproof quality, and the offputting colour of the cream - may deter some from purchasing this product. However, when you buy a mineral product, you accept that it is likely to be more natural than many normal off-the-shelf products, so some of these disadvantages are just the trappings of choosing to buy a more natural product. Technology may also develop in future so that a naturally nicer-looking and waterproof sunscreen is possible. However, despite these possible pitfalls, you are getting a high quality natural product that does work and that is barely more expensive than high street suncreams (Liz Earle's £18.50 150ml tube compares quite favourably with brands such as Soltan, Clarins and Piz Buin).

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*I was sent this product as part of Liz Earle's New Suncare Offer, which contains a full size Mineral Sun Cream, a full size After Sun Gel, a 75ml Foot Spritzer, a 15ml Foot Scrub, a 15ml Foot Moisturiser, and a mini tote bag, costing £33.75 in total. More reviews coming soon!

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