Monday, 12 July 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss

RRP: £15.00
# of shades available: 24

--What does the promo say?--
"Lip Gloss with the power to light up your face. True Vision™ technology transforms ordinary colour and makes it extraordinary. Imagine what it will do for your lips. In a wide range of wearable shades with lasting shine for a lasting impression. You’ll want them all. True Vision™ Colour maximises colour impact, magnifies vibrancy, clarity and dimension, and amplifies brilliance. Three high impact finishes offer mirror shine, luminous shimmer or dimensional sparkle, all with sheer-to-medium coverage. Feels light and luscious, never sticky. Drenched with conditioners, it smooths on precisely and stays on perfectly. The ergonomic wand hugs every curve of your lips."

The see-through plastic tube allows you to see the colour in all its glory, which is gently and elegantly completed by the gold-coloured lid and close-up of an area of the Estee Lauder logo. Très bien.

Sweep over lips; only one dunk of the wand into the tube is required.

A slightly sweet smell can be detected, but it's not horrible.

I was very kindly sent several shades by Estée Lauder's PR, so can comment on this from several angles. Passion Fruit was the one I liked least of the five that I was sent; it's just a bit too red for my skin tone and complexion. It would probably work better on someone who wasn't so pale. Mod Poppy is a lovely purple colour that's not too rich, but it's quite unusual and might not suit everyone's taste. The other three shades I was sent - Electric Ginger, Praline Paradise, and Pink Kiss - are probably more universal, offering attractive colours that would suit any skin tone. The available palette of 24 colours means this product offers optimal choice for people of any hair, skin or eye colour - there's bound to be something that suits you. My only negative comment would be that I couldn't really notice any difference between the three finishes that are allegedly offered: of the five shades that I received, all three finishes were apparently covered, but I didn't notice them (and apparently Estee Lauder itself doesn't either, since which shades are available in which finish is not distinguished on their website). Nevertheless, high-quality shine and colour is assured.

--Texture and consistency--
Lives up to the promise; not sticky at all and very pleasant to wear (although what conditioners exactly are contained in it is beyond me; again, the website decides this information is not important to us).

It will put up a good fight through a long meal but ultimately will not make it. As for eating anything messy, such as a croissant, you can forget it. Will need reapplying 1-3 times during the day.

--Value for money--
This gloss competes in its price bracket with Clarins, Benefit and Too Faced; however, it seems safe to say that this gloss is holding its own in the current market, due to its (relatively) longwearing formula, its amazing range of available colours, and the conditioning elements that it contains (even if the company doesn't want to tell us what these are). To increase its value further, an added SPF would be nice, but even without that, this remains a lovely present for any beauty-conscious woman and a great treat for yourself.

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