Sunday, 10 October 2010

Liz Earle Foot Scrub

RRP: £10.25/100ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Our new Foot Scrub gently yet intensively exfoliates hard, rough skin on your feet to leave them ultra-smooth and buffed to perfection. This hard-working scrub contains natural pumice to remove dead skin cells, softening avocado oil and wheatgerm oil rich in vitamin E plus the invigorating aromas of peppermint and rosemary essential oils."

--The packaging--
More practical than the frankly bizarre pump-action foot cream in the range, this squeezy plastic bottle sits comfortably on its lid and is easy to grip in the shower.

Liz Earle recommend daily use on damp skin, concentrating on the balls of the feet, the heels, and between the toes.

A light blue-grey colour that seems entirely natural to the product, scrubs white onto skin, and leaves nothing visible in its wake after rinsing.

Fits in well with the rest of the range to eliminate odour without being too clinical; the peppermint and rosemary smells are most prominent.

Simultaneously creamy and scrubby; provides the perfect combination in order to tackle tough skin while still pampering your feet luxuriously. Non-irritating.

--Effects on the skin--
Following the directions of daily use on damp skin showed great improvement, especially in conjunction with the companion moisturiser.

--Value for money--
£10.25 seems expensive at face value, but this stuff is packed full of natural and effective ingredients, basically fulfilling my requirement of what makes the perfect beauty product: something that is a luxurious treatment while being effective. In addition, other products in this category seem to offer much less for prices that are far more jaw-dropping: Benefit, Bliss and Jo Wood's body scrubs will all send your wallet running for the hills. Liz Earle's prices therefore seem to sit nicely between cheaper high street products that are of lesser quality, more expensive high street products that also fail to emulate it, and higher-end brands such as Biotherm, Clarins and Clinique that offer an experience similar in quality but much higher in price. And best of all? It comes in travel size as well from just £4.50. Don't hesitate to invest in this for your feet: your toes will soon thank you for it.

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