Thursday, 18 August 2011

Akileine Regenerating Cream for Very Dry Feet

RRP: £5.25/50ml; £10.25/150ml (

--What does the promo say?--
"Made of shea butter and horse-chestnut extract, this cream intensively moisturizes, nourishes, smoothes and protects dehydrated, dry keratinised and rough skin. It prevents the formation of calluses and gives back the skin's suppleness while maintaining its natural pH."

Akileine cleverly but simply distinguish between different foot care needs using different bright colours. The range for dry feet is bright blue. No softly-softly pastel approach here; this is a company that knows what it does, what it wants to achieve, and how to get it - fast. The screw-top lid is easy to remove when you need it, but stays secure when you don't.

Rub into clean dry feet, not forgetting to get right in between your toes, and rub in until fully absorbed. Nothing tricky about this - the cream is luxurious but fast-absorbing.

Shea butter is detectable but not prominent; the arnica used in the product is more obvious. Despite being packed with chestnut and peanut there is no real nutty odour.

A white cream that rubs invisibly into skin.

--Texture and consistency--
Perfect in my eyes: rubs in quickly and well in spite of its thickness. Luxurious, creamy, and not at all runny or sticky. A joy to use.

--Effects on the skin--
Clears up dry body skin better than any other cream I have tried, including prescription stuff. That's on very hard layers of skin, too. Well impressed - these guys are definitely foot specialists.

--Value for money--
It's arguably not the cheapest cream out there - at £10.25 for 150ml, you're in the same realms as brands such as L'Occitane. Nevertheless, it's still effective and affordable - what more could you want? I would definitely buy again.

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