Monday, 5 September 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Weather Screen Lip Balm

--What does the promo say?--
"Are you a Busy outdoor Bee? Then protect your best feature from the elements with Wheatgerm & Black Pepper for a subtle tingly sensation, and flavour with a kick. The Olive Oil safeguards your skin whilst Shea Butter and 100% pure Beeswax soothes and locks moisture in."

The honeycomb cartoon on the front of the tube is cheerful and the pull-off plastic lid stays secure, but is not difficult to remove when you do need to use it. More balm is exposed by twisting the bottom of the tube. It also features the Vegetarian Standard mark from the Vegetarian Society, but I don't know if the tube itself is recyclable (although the paper and plastic sleeve it comes in definitely is).

Slap on to clean, dry lips and go about your daily business. Simples.

The balm is a fairly solid white-yellow creamy block that leaves a slight, barely detectable sheen on the lips once applied.

The smell of shea and cocoa butters is dominant, which is a little boring; given the emphasis on beeswax, a honey-scented product might have been more pleasant and different.

--Texture and consistency--
Smooth, soft and absorbs well.

--Effects on the skin--
Softens and smoothens lips, but no better or worse than any other commercial lip balm. I also don't really "get" the weather screen part - it contains no SPF, so I don't see how it would provide any beyond-superficial protection to your lips. If the variety of essential oils that have been used do in fact have this effect, it needs to be explained on the pack, as it isn't really common knowledge.

--Value for money--
The main appeal of this product is its 99.5% natural claim. However, there are definitely other products out there for the same price that do just as well or better - Fair Squared's lip balms, for instance, are not only 99% organic but also vegan due to their lack of beeswax; Jason and Optima also offer natural lip balms for this price, and Optima's contain SPF too. This means that Montagne Jeunesse needs to constantly keep its eyes on the competition so as to constantly develop its products for the better. I'm loving the all-natural thing, but would prefer such a product to have a more obvious SPF in it - and if that SPF can be natural, so much the better.

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