Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Myleene Klass Nails for JML

--What does the promo say?--
"Get an instant nail makeover with Myleene Klass! Her fabulous new range of stick-on nail wraps will give you dazzling, gorgeous fingertips in just moments. There’s absolutely no drying time necessary, just peel, stick and go – you don’t even need to heat them up. There are so many styles to choose from – a pattern or shade for every outfit. Each design comes in 24 different shapes and sizes, so giving your tips and toes the perfect finish is easy. And best of all, unlike nail polish, there’s no chipping or peeling. They’re durable enough to last all week, but remove so easily you can change your look as quickly as you change your clothes. Whatever the occasion, Myleene Klass Nails will give any outfit a fabulous finishing touch."

All very neatly done: the cardboard sleeve bigs up the association with Myleene by using a large picture of her, while the fact that it's a JML product is downplayed. The nail wraps are clearly visible through the little window on the sleeve, the sleeve is easy to open and close for convenience and portability, and also comes with a free Myleene branded nail file which seems durable enough.

Perhaps inevitably, it's never as simple as the promo makes out. The wraps are certainly easy to apply and reposition - they are essentially just stickers, so if you go wrong you can just peel it off and try again until you're happy. There are also a number of sizes available in the 24-strong pack, so plenty of room for trial and error - although this means the process certainly isn't quick. When you take into account finding the right size, positioning the wraps, making sure all the creases are gone, and then filing the excess away, it's not much faster than applying regular nail polish. People with smaller hands than mine may also find it difficult to find a wrap to fit every finger: my sister and my sister-in-law are both sizes 6-8 and have quite small hands, and I think they wouldn't be able to manage a full set of hands from the sizes offered here.

I was sent the Burgundy and the Posy sets by JML. When I wore the Burgundy set to work I was informed by a deeply on-trend colleague that the colour was very now (which makes me on trend for about the first time in my life), so for all you fashionistas - Myleene's nails could certainly fulfil your nail needs. However, I never could quite make the creases disappear. Even if they weren't visible from far away, I was certainly aware of them. It meant the nails never quite looked as authentic as genuine nail varnish, which is something that Sephora's nail wraps (for instance), even if they have other failings, do manage to achieve.

--How well do they stick?--
Sadly, not brilliantly (as perhaps already revealed by the telltale creases and the ease of repositioning). Most annoying is the edge at the top of the nail where you've filed away the excess sticker: even if you do this correctly, there is an edge that never quite sticks to the nail and always catches on stuff, ruining the overall smooth effect of the colour.

--How long do they last?--
They are *supposed* to last for days. However, I got sooooo frustrated with the above that I removed them after about a day (thankfully, unlike Sephora's, they are easy to remove).

--Value for money--
At £5.99 for 24, they are easily comparable to Sephora's offering, which is priced between €7,90 and €9,90 for 20 (and you don't get a nail file included with Sephora's). Both are quite expensive for just one or two wears, though, compared to a regular bottle of varnish, even if they do purportedly last a while. I would therefore definitely not purchase from the original or sparkle ranges. However, I would consider purchasing from the party collection: with stars and zebra stripes available, to name just a few patterns, these would be great as a one-off for a night out, as they cost a lot less than the same patterned effects in a salon.

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BethSpenceley said...

I just got some of these for Christmas and I have to say I don't entirely agree with you.

I do have to say they aren't the easiest things to fit onto your nails, I've been left with some gaps around my thumbs and my first attempts look terrible due to my filing skills and the fact I have bitten fingernails.
However after the first few fingers I founf filing downwards made the process so much easier, especially on my longer nails.
(and when I say longer I mean still bitten and short)
But as for them sticking, at the beginning I was skeptical as they were easily movable however after a few hours they seem to stick, I've even washed up and had a bath with them on and they haven't budged.

My nails were completely untouched though, I guess as a beauty blogger your nails are probably buffed and beautiful, unlike my own, maybe the slight ridging on my nails helped them to stick?

I've been unable to use nail polish for a couple of years now since I had a reaction to either a nail polish or remover, I've been scared to use them again in case of the fiasco which was a terrible skin reaction, so I could be being bias in the fact I am so happy to have colour on my nails again.
But I thought I'd let you know of my opinion and maybe convince you to try them out again.

BiancaP said...

Hi Beth

Thanks for your interesting and detailed comment!

Obviously the differences in size between people's nails will vary the results in how easily users can get them to fit, so it is good to talk about this.

I found that the whole stickers themselves certainly did not come off once stuck on; apologies if this was not clear.
However, it was really just at the EDGES (at the top of the nail) where I found there was always a tiny bit that did not stick/always caught on my clothes or hair. It's possible that I may not have filed down enough but I did spend a fair amount of time with the file trying to get them filed down, stuck down, and as straight as possible (rather than jagged or torn).

I also acknowledge that I am not *that* into nails and so do not consider myself an expert on nail products. I'm therefore not really experienced with them, so others may fare better. Not sure how far nail 'texture' helps or hinders but it's definitely an interesting question.

Stick-on nails/nail wraps are definitely a great product for those who, like you, find that they are allergic to the polish or its remover, and I confess that I hadn't thought of this gap in the market. I'm really glad you're happy with the product & hope you have an excellent 2012 :)

carlams said...


i have just tried these out and find that stretching them over the end of ur nail before smoothing them out to the sides really helps with creases and that the glitter ones are by far the stretchiest and therefore have less and even no creases if u do it correctly!!

i also wore the pink glitter ones for over a week without any problems with the edges!!!

i have now had the stars on for 4 days and i only have 1 edge that is coming unstuck (and that is beacause i scratched it on a rough granite sample at work)but the main thing is the colour coming off slightly at the edges - it is only noticable up close and only really on on finger and as i used them on a night out im happy for them 2 b less than perfect 4 days later, knowing that my nail varnish would have been long gone!!!

with no drying time i would say they are definately worth it!!

i already have some of the other designs and will definately buy more!

i also find i dont mind a gap at the edge so much as it causes less creases and if nails were done in a salon they dont go right to the edges either - it actually elongates your nails, which i great for shorter nails.

my only problem really is that they arent as quick 2 apply as u wud think but that will get quicker with practice i think (i have already found im getting quicker and better at it!!