Friday, 30 March 2012

Sure Maximum Protection

RRP: £5.30 for 45ml
available in 3 varieties: Clean Fresh, Confidence, and Sensitive

--What does the promo say?--
"Sure Maximum Protection is an advanced formula specifically designed to provide scientifically proven wetness protection for women who need the very best. It is formulated with TRIsolid, innovative body responsive technology which contains three important components:
1) The maximum wetness protection ever from Sure.
2) Encapsulated odour-fighting technology.
3) Skin moisturising ingredient.
Why apply Sure Maximum Protection at night?
Research shows that body temperature is not constant throughout the day, rising during the day and cooling at night. Under normal conditions body temperature varies from a night-time low of 36.5°C to midday high of 37.2°C. The rate we sweat is affected by these temperature variations. At night while the body is at rest sweat glands are least active and skin is more receptive to Sure Maximum Protection. This gives the formula time to work and build a strong level of protection for the day ahead. The deodorant cream has a clean fresh scent and 48 hour wetness protection.  Anyone who does not want to be held back by perspiration will benefit from Sure Maximum Protection Cream."

The boxes all have the same design in slightly different colours: razor-like sliver designs cut through the white box in blue, pink and purple respectively, while the info on the box tells you about the product concisely (although a little more information on the TRIsolid complex they are using would be nice). The dispenser itself is ergonomically designed and the click wheel is easy to use and control. The area from which the cream is dispensed consists of holes in a plastic surface, which is fairly standard for cream deodorants. The lid stays on and keeps the surface of the cream dispenser clean.

With two clicks of the wheel you're ready to roll: before you go to sleep, run the dispenser over clean dry underarms. Rub with the end of the dispenser until fully absorbed. When you wake in the morning, shower as normal; there's no need to reapply the deodorant. While this entails a slight change in routine, it's not too tricky to get used to.

A white cream that leaves no visible residue on clothes in the way that roll-ons and sprays can.

A very clean, fresh smell that's not too overpowering.

--Texture and consistency--
Creamy without being greasy or sticky; absorbs quickly into the skin.

Works well in a number of different situations and environments, including hotter as well as cooler temperatures (which is great for this heatwave that we've been having lately) and situations in which you feel stressed or nervous (it certainly didn't let me down during an interview I had yesterday). The only claim that doesn't stand up is the 48-hour one: after I'd passed the 24-hour mark I felt distinctly wetter under the arms (although happily no smellier! Every cloud...!).

--Value for money--
I haven't had to buy deodorant for some time as a bottle of my usual choice, Mitchum, lasts aeons. So when the price of £5.30 popped up, it initially seemed expensive, but then I wondered if I was just out of touch. To be honest, a quick perusal of Google Shopping seems to confirm my first instinct: the only other high street deodorants in this price range all seem to be boosting the RRP on the basis of a 48-hour claim (Dove is doing this, for example, and so is Nivea). Other deodorants at this price point seem to be higher-end brands or even organic brands (such as Vichy, Weleda and Dr Organic). I would therefore suggest that Sure are being a bit risky with their pricing and may wish to lower it a little to attract a few more customers. It is an excellent product nonetheless, however, and I will certainly continue to use it.

--Other comments--
The lovely people at Sure sent me the Confidence version and the Sensitive version of the deodorant. All of the comments above apply to both variants.

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