Monday, 18 March 2013

Melvita Fresh Micellar Water

Our Southern France correspondent, Sarah Cross, reviews this product from quintessentially Ardèche brand Melvita.
RRP: £15

--What does the promo say?--
"This fresh and delicately perfumed 3-in-1 formula removes make-up, cleanses and tones, thanks to the action of micelles, which trap impurities. Enriched with wild rose petal extract (derived from roses that grow at high altitudes) and moisturizing rose floral water, the Fresh Micellar Water cleanses skin perfectly without any drying effect. Within moments, skin is soft, fresh and radiant. In a single, simple step, skin is free of make-up, perfectly clean and fresh!"

The bottle is clear and slightly frosted, showing the level of micellar water as you use it. It has a white screw top lid. The bottle has the green MELVITA logo with the words ‘Eau Fraiche Micellaire’ in pretty pink (translated underneath into English) and, new for Melvita, a lovely scattered arrangement of photographs in varying sizes with some very attractive pictures of roses, wild and garden varieties, petals, bees collecting nectar etc. There is a pink line traced around the bottle towards the bottom, giving a very pretty ‘girly’ effect. It is a lovely addition to the array of lotions and potions women normally have on their bathroom shelves.


Apply morning and evening to face and eyes in circular motion, using a cotton pad. No need to rinse.


If you like roses, and I do, then it is divine!


A completely clear liquid.

--Effects on the skin--
It removes make-up very efficiently and smells lovely afterwards. Nice going to bed smelling of roses! I tend to use this only at night to remove make-up but the smell is a bit addictive, and I could see myself using it in the morning as well to simply freshen up the skin before putting moisturizer on.

--Value for money--

Seems to be lasting quite well so far. Can’t say yet how long a
bottle will last but I have been using it for at least two weeks non-stop and only a quarter of the liquid has been used. Would repurchase.

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