Saturday, 6 July 2013

Vaseline Derma Beauty 48h Antiperspirant Deodorant

 RRP: £1.95

--What does the promo say?--
"Beautiful underarms with New Vaseline Derma Beauty. Contains ProDerma, a skin caring complex that can help protect the underarm skin. Keeps you dry and fresh all day long with a soft, light fragrance. Alcohol free, non sting formula and dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin."

There's perhaps a bit too much pink on here for non-girly girls, but nevertheless the white, navy and pink colour scheme of this aerosol can provides a pleasant balance. The Vaseline logo is instantly recognisable and information is clear without overloading the user. No problems with the spray or lid.

After washing, spray onto clean dry underarms. Easy as.

This leaves no white residue on underarms or clothes - unusual for any deodorant.

Smells clean and fresh without being clinical or chemical. Reminiscent of cotton.

--Effects on the skin--
This does as promised: while perhaps not a priority for most users, this leaves underarms feeling soft and smooth (although who goes around stroking their own - or other people's - underarms I'll never know). More importantly, it is non-irritating and leaves underarms feeling dry while warding off body odour effectively, even on real scorchers of weekends like this one. I'm not sure how far it would stand up to 48 hours between sprays, but it definitely will see you through the day and into the evening, which is what most people want, I think.

--Value for money--
Most manufacturers see a 48-hour claim as an excuse to jack up the price of a deodorant. This is the first one I've seen that's priced under £2, with most 48-hour deodorants being double this retail price. This works really well for all budgets and situations, whether you're trying to pack light for an overnight stay at a friend's place, or trying to get through the British summer free of wet patches. Would recommend. 

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