Saturday, 17 May 2014

Vera Mona Colour Switch Duo

RRP: £18

--What does the promo say?--
"Often, makeup can become a hassle when you have to switch between lots of different colors. But not anymore! With Colour Switch Duo, any makeup artist can easily switch between colours. The duo is aptly named for two functions:

  • First is the colour removal. Simply stroke the eye-shadow brush with the duo sponge to remove the current colour and quickly start using the next one.
  • The second is application of wet makeup. The duo comes with a special sponge in the centre which can help apply wet makeup for a fantastic and appealing look.

All in all, this product is a blessing for any makeup artist or makeup lover."

The purple and silver tin is feminine, modern and attractive. Equally, not many beauty products come in tins, so this gives the product a new and different edge. The lid comes off easily when you want it to, but closes securely when you don't. The fact that it's a tin also makes it hard-wearing, so no worries about carting it around in your handbag, as it won't break or split in the same way as plastic packaging.

As mentioned in the promotional materials, this is really easy to use. Rub your eyeshadow brush against the black sponge in order to 'clean' it, so that you can switch between colours. The usage of the central sponge is perhaps less obvious, but the upshot of it is that you can easily soak it so as to apply or retouch makeup on the go, to correct errors or to create a more vibrant makeup look.

--Appearance and texture--
The black outer sponge is coarse and wiry, whereas the white inner sponge for wet-look makeup is finer in texture.

I was actually amazed at how cleanly and quickly the old eyeshadow was taken off the brush so that I could change eyeshadow colour. Perfect for doing makeup on the commute!

--Value for money--
Even though refills are available, I don't think you'd need them for the outer sponge, especially as you could easily clean it yourself. Equally, if you leave the tin open so that the central sponge can dry out after use, there'd be no reason to replace this one due to bacterial growth. This is a good thing, as £18 for this product is not cheap (luckily, mine was sent to me for free by one of Vera Mona's main UK stockists, BeautyStore4U). It seems hard-wearing and is definitely useful, but I was still expecting it to cost less. Nevertheless, it would definitely make a handy gift for yourself or others - perfect for the makeup lover who already has everything.

perfect partners
Colour Switch Duo Refill, £5.95
Colour Switch Mini Refills, £4.95 for 6

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