Friday, 22 July 2016

Beuti Beauty Sleep Elixir

RRP: £42 for 30ml

--What does the promo say?--
"With its 14 precious plant oils Beauty Sleep Elixir supports skin barrier function and plays a key role in fighting inflammation. Packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that counteract irritation and inflammation. Beauty Sleep Elixir can be worn under makeup in the evening and boosts skin tone, acting as an on the spot blemish treatment due to its anti-inflammatory powers and brightens the complexion for no makeup days. During precious beauty sleep, skin renews itself thanks to this product's super boost of vitamins, minerals and a complete omega hit of 3,5,6,7 and 9, letting you wake up to beautiful glowing skin. Softalia, from a sustainable plantation in Australia, counteracts inflammation and has unique activity on the skin due to its ximenynic acid content, helping hydration and reducing fine lines. Caribbean coral neutralizes the enzyme responsible for skin ageing, acne and sunburn and is one of the worlds most potent anti-inflammatory ingredients."

The opaque glass bottle is perfect for a product of this type as it enables you to see exactly how much is left at all times, as well as letting the beautiful amber colour of the oil shine through. Equally, the minimalist product information on the bottle and the silvery band and lid contribute to a classy effect. The pump-action mechanism is practical and minimises waste.

Massage into face, hands or body for use as a moisturiser. You can also use it to cleanse or remove makeup with by massaging over the face and then removing the oil immediately with a cotton pad.

A golden orange oil that disappears invisibly into the skin, leaving no residue.

The woodier scents are dominant in this, so I'm guessing the sandalwood is largely at play here. However, a citrus element is also detectable thanks to the sea buckthorn: a hard berry reminiscent of orange and lemon.

--Texture and consistency--
A smooth, non-greasy oil which absorbs quickly into the skin.

--Effects on the skin--
Has deeply moisturising properties which work well on all areas of the body as well as the face. Perfect for these sunnier times of the year when skin may dry out from exposure to the sun, the sea, or chlorinated swimming pools.

--Value for money--
A little goes a very long way and the product is clearly composed of high quality ingredients (which, for what it's worth, are 98% organic and 100% natural). An excellent multi-purpose product for affordable luxury moisturisation.

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