Thursday, 18 July 2019

Kalme Skincare Basic Kit

RRP: 39.95GBP

--What does the promo say?--
"The Basic KALME Skin Care Kit contains the Kalme Day Defence SPF25, Kalme Night Cream and Kalme Cleanser.
The Kalme Range is a combination of unique skin care innovations to reduce redness.
Five separate actives work together to nourish, repair and protect you skin.
Derma Sensitive is a natural active from young caper buds. Scientifically shown to create clear and uniform skin tone. It also reduces skin's reactivity and increases feelings of skin comfort and suppleness.
A broad sprectrum Sun Filter SPF25 with UVA & UVB coverage
24 hour moisturisation from a natural plant active keeps your skin supple and comfortable.
A super antioxidant active neutralises free radicals and lowers the oxidative stress on your skin.
Perilla seed extract is a naturally rich source of skin beneifical Omega 3 and Alpha Linolenic Acids."
The green and white packaging reflects its botanical content and the flip top lids are generally practical. However, the day cream is quite runny and often seeps into the lid, so consider storing upside down. Long-term I'd also like to see the recyclability credentials of this packaging increasing.
--Application and usage--
"Suggested regimen for the Kalme skincare pack:
AM: Cleanse with the Kalme Cleanser do not rinse off with water.( If using) first apply Undercoat then the Day Defence SPF25 to whole face, or just Day Defence on its own. If using then apply Kalme Chameleon Concealer to whole face rubbing in gently until the required tone match is achieved. Additional cosmetics can then be applied if required.
PM: Cleanse with the Kalme Cleanser do not rinse off with water.( If using) first apply Undercoat then apply Night Repair Cream, or just the Night Repair Cream on its own."\
This is all very easy to do. It also works fine if you use a damp flannel or muslin to remove the cream cleanser.
All three products are white lotions of varying thicknesses. None leave a visible residue on the face.
All smell fresh and natural.
--Texture and consistency--
The cleanser is very thick, creamy and luxurious, whereas the day defence feels more like a very runny sunscreen. The night repair cream is somewhere in between, feeling more like a normal moisturiser. None are greasy or sticky and the moisturisers absorb well, leaving no residue. The night cream and cleanser especially feel luxurious to use.
--Effects on the skin--
Redness is dramatically reduced, as promised, and I also saw an improvement in my acne. However, I felt like the day defence dried out my skin too much, especially on my neck, so I ended up using an alternative day cream to rectify this. The cleanser also removes makeup effectively (I cleansed twice in order to achieve this), and I love that the day cream contains SPF25 (I can confirm that I did not get sunburnt while out and about with this on!).
--Value for money--
Individually this amounts to just over 13GBP per product, which seems reasonable. This is a significant reduction compared to actually buying the products on their own online (they retail at 14.95GBP-19.95GBP). So the bundle of products is definitely the way forward if you want a complete regimen. I also think it's worth the money in terms of the effectiveness of the cleanser and night cream - though for myself I would give the day cream a miss. Nonetheless, I would recommend the range for anyone with sensitive skin.
perfect partners
Chameleon Concealer SPF20, 19.95GBP
Kalme Skin Care Kit (Full Range), 52.95GBP*
Kalme Undercoat, 9.95GBP
Day Defence Cream+SPF30, 19.95**

*contains all the products from the basic kit plus the concealer - representing a saving of 6.95GBP.
**note that this differs from the SPF25 cream included in the basic and full kits

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Ayomide Adeleye said...

Can I use any cotton pad to apply the cleanser to my face
Or is it advisable to use the kalme range organic cotton pad.