Monday, 23 November 2020

Lee Stafford Coco Loco with Agave Blow and Go 11-in-1 Lotion

 RRP: £6.99

--What does the promo say?--

"This moisturising Genius Lotion is packed full of coconutty goodness. And now blended with Agave Essence for added moisture, movement and shine. The tropical tube does at least 11 things including helping to repair damaged hair and strengthen it.

  • Conditions, Nourishes & Smooths
  • Protects from heat styling
  • Shields against humidity and protects against colour fade
  • Improves combability
  • Softens and enhances shine
  • New tropical Coconut and Agave fragrance"

The light pink colour scheme clearly identifies this product as part of the Coco Loco range and gives an elegant and feminine impression, accentuated by the gold lettering. The coconut imagery makes the main ingredient central and the 11 benefits are identified concisely on the packaging as well. The flip-top tube makes for practical use on a day-to-day basis.

Smooth liberally over towel-dried hair, then dry and style as normal.

A bright white lotion which leaves no visible residue on the skin or hair.

Beautifully coconutty, but perhaps not terribly nuanced.

--Texture and consistency--
Incredibly smooth and combs through hair easily.

--Effects on the hair--
Hair feels volumised and smoothed, with frizz being minimised. The conditioning effects are immediately apparent and over time hair is undoubtedly strengthened. Blonde hair also appears more luminous and wavy hair is tamed sufficiently between washes without having to fight to brush it.

--Value for money--
One tube provides many uses, and the effect of just one use is confidence-boosting and stress-reducing. Hair has volume and shine without frizz, and this effect lasts for days to tame and straighten hair. While I was sent mine for free by Lee Stafford's PR, I would shell out my hard-earned on this without a shadow of a doubt. An indulgent treat that makes managing your hair easier.

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