Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand Eyeshadow Palette

RRP: £35.00
# of shades in the palette: 10

Packaging: a small black shiny plastic container, with the Bobbi Brown logo in silver on the lid and with all of the eyeshadows running into one another. The box is far smaller than it appears online (I bought mine on ebay): in actual fact its size is approximately 10cm x 4cm x 1cm (I say 'approximately' because I'm not currently in possession of a ruler, measuring tape, or any other measuring hooha). The size, while excellent for travelling, does give you a feeling of "but...but...it's so runty!! £35 for something this small?" However, there was also a pleasant surprise: on all the pictures you see, it looks like the eyeshadows are set flat into the box and all run into one another. While it's true that there aren't any gaps between the colours, each colour is slightly raised from the box in a sort of arch (kind of like a mini speed bump) so that you can easily just use the colour you want without blurring into other colours.

What does the promo say?: "A limited edition eye palette features eye shadow shades with pearlized pigments. The ten exclusive shades are sheer and shimmering visions of aqua, soft pink and beige."

Application: Same as any other eyeshadow: apply to the eyelid using a brush or your finger (wet or dry according to the effect you want).

Texture: Silky smooth and very fine. Doesn't irritate the eye in any way.

Appearance: In the box, perhaps because the box is black, the colours appear very bright. However, on the eyelid they become much more sheer and shimmery - if you want a more intense look, just wet the brush or your finger that you're going to apply the shadow with. Plus, they're just beautiful to look at. I knew I wanted it the second I saw it.

Longevity: Doesn't crease and you don't have to keep reapplying throughout the day.

Removal: Easy to remove (not that you'd want to!).

Value for money: I have to admit, this doesn't appear to be the most value-ful product. However, when you break it down, there are 10 colours in the palette, and so if you pay full whack, you're still only paying £3.50 a shade...now tell me, can you buy a regular Bobbi Brown mono eyeshadow for that? Methinks not. If you buy on ebay, you increase your value for money even further.

Other comments: This is just such a beautiful palette and I would recommend it to any makeup-lover, even if you wouldn't normally spend that much on eyeshadow (I balked at the price, believe me...I got it for £25 on ebay in the end but knowing it as I do now I would now happily pay full price for it, it is that amazing). There is the possibility that you're just buying into the brand name with this, but having looked at other eyeshadow palettes, I haven't found one more beautiful (the No7 @ Boots summer eyeshadow palette is an extremely poor comparison!). It's such a shame it's limited edition. I may have to buy another.

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