Saturday, 7 July 2007

Olay Total Effects 7x Mask

RRP: £25 for 5 masks

In the usual Olay style - sophisticated gold and black colour scheme cardboard envelope, with the masks wrapped again in same style plastic sachets. Neither the envelope nor the sachets are difficult to open.

--What does the promo say?--
"Olay total effects 7x mask provides skin with an instant anti-aging boost in just 10 minutes. An innovative 'stretch 'n fit' moisturising cloth mask gently envelops facial contours to deliver anti-ageing care deep into the surface layers of the skin. Used weekly as part of a pampering routine skin is radiant and younger looking.
· High concentrations of VitaNiacin - Vitamin B3, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E infuse skin to help enhance the natural moisture barrier.
· Green Tea Extract gives anti-oxidant protection.
· Glycerin, Butylene Glycol and Humectants, leave skin feeling instantly moisturised, smoother and hydrated for up to 24 hours."

Unlike most face masks, you don't really 'apply' this one as such. It doesn't come in a packet or a tub or a tube; it's not like a lotion that you have to smear on your face and then wash off, for it is actually a cloth mask, with holes cut out for your eyes, nose and mouth. You just open the sachet (carefully - the mask is pre-covered in lotion and I nearly sent a load of the lotion onto my bedroom floor), take out and unfold the mask, and put it on your face. Stretch it sideways so that it covers your whole face, and then leave for 10-15 mins. Go and lie down and listen to some relaxing music while the mask works its magic - you'll feel much better afterwards.

Both the mask and the lotion are smooth and cooling.

Well, I have to say that even though you could probably walk around going about your daily business wearing this (as it stays on your face so well), I wouldn't exactly advise answering the door or anything while you're wearing it, as it's pretty scary-looking. Think about that medical mask that the woman wore in that famous picture that was all over the press after the London bombings - basically that's how it looks.

Floral and light - not overpowering or unpleasant at all.

The mask is extremely easy to remove - you just peel it off, dump it in the bin, and rub any excess lotion into your face and neck, as there's no need to wash it off. However, I felt that there was perhaps a little too much excess lotion, as it took quite a long time to soak into my skin.

I used the mask between 10.30 and 10.45 this morning, and it's now 16.40 - my skin still feels refreshed and somehow 'different'. My face also looks smoother than it did before using the mask, but I wouldn't expect these effects to last long.

--Value for money--
My face felt nice after using the mask, but at £25.00 for 5 masks I feel this is way too expensive - the effects weren't significant enough or long-lasting enough for me to consider buying these. They don't want you to buy the masks because they make your face feel nice - they want you to buy them because they're an allegedly effective anti-ageing product. I came by mine on the Olay website, where they were sending out 1-mask samples with a £3 off voucher for if you decide to buy any, and frankly this is the only way I would want to acquire them, as I think there are better face products out there for the money.

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