Monday, 14 January 2008

Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil

RRP: $21.50 for 0.04oz at Saks, £10.75
no. of shades available: 13

--What does the promo say?--
"An incredibly soft lip pencil for subtle, precise definition. The silky texture allows for easy application and flawless results. To extend the hold of your lip color, fill lips in completely with Smooth silk lip pencil before applying your lipstick. Choose from a wide range of shades to complement every color in your lipstick wardrobe.

* Defines and accentuates lips
* Precise, flawless application
* Sophisticated range of colors"

Like lightning. A really striking bit of kit, as is characteristic of Armani's usual edgy styling, particularly of the brand's perfumes. The pencil is a slightly off-black/dark grey colour, with a line extending horizontally down the pencil in the colour of the liner itself. The lid itself doesn't have the coloured line but is otherwise the same. All product information and the product logo appears on the pencil in white.

Well, there are two ways to this. You can do it the usual way (line lips, apply lipstick to lips, and you're done), or you can do it the Giorgio Armani way! Line lips with Smooth silk lip pencil and apply a layer of gloss over liner for a soft, natural look. Fill lips with pencil, apply a layer of lipstick, and finish with a rich layer of gloss for the most dramatic and long-lasting colour. Phew. Got all that?

The shade I've got, no. 2, creates a very smooth line indeed which looks entirely natural with my lip colour, especially once I've applied my lipstick.

Soft without crumbling. It really is, as implied by its name, as smooth as silk.

Hmm. In doing it the 'normal way' (as opposed to the Mr Armani way) I wouldn't say it lasts. However, I am yet to attempt the Mr Armani way, so we'll see.

--Value for money--
It is a shade expensive, but it's got a great range of colours, goes on very smoothly, and if the Mr Armani way works, then it gets full marks from me.

--Other info--
Obtaining these products in the UK and Europe may prove tricky, but if you find them then you won't regret it - even if your first port of call is ebay.

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