Friday, 15 February 2008

Maybelline Forever Strong Professional Nail Polish

RRP: £3.99 for 10ml
no. of shades available: 18

--What does the promo say?--
"# Perfect precision curved brush
# Rich colour and high shine
# Enriched with Iron & Calcium"

Nice slender squarish bottle with a medium-sized black lid. The logo and product information is written on the transparent bottle in white writing. Nothing special going on there, though I do like how the extra layer of glass at the bottom of the bottle creates an effect of the varnish being suspended in the bottle.

Pretty standard stuff: unscrew the lid, allow any excess polish to drip back into the bottle, and apply 1 or 2 layers to your nails after prepping them with a base coat.

Smooth without being runny: in other words, perfect.

I personally prefer to apply two coats of any nail varnish I use, but with this varnish you could probably get away with just one. The colour I have is a really definite colour, but still suitable for everyday, and fits my overall look and colouring well.

Not too bad. I'd say it lasts 4-5 days before it starts to chip.

--Ease of removal--
Fine :)

--Value for money--
For the amount you get and the quality of the varnish itself, the price is extremely reasonable and the range of available shades is impressive. Top marks.

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