Wednesday, 20 February 2008

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara

RRP: £8.99
no. of shades available: 4

--What does the promo say?--
"L'Oreal Telescopic is a magnifying and lengthening mascara with a precision mulit-comb for 60% longer lashes - lashes are magnified and separated without clumping.

Precision multi comb:
# Flexible and expert, the Precision Multi-Comb magnifies the lashes at the base as if they were defined by a subtle trace of eyeliner
# The Multi-Comb stretches the ultra-smooth formula right from the base of your lashes to their tips for 60% more length

# Magnified lashes with spectacular length!"

A slim, tapered, elegant-looking tube, in a dress of gold and black. The TELESCOPIC logo is really elegant with flicked tails on the capital letters and the whole thing just looks really together and sophisticated. Nice work.

Same as usual.

There is definitely a visible difference in length with this. However, you'll still have to get your eyelash separator out to stop those lashes from clinging together.

Smooth with no clots, which is what makes it actually quite disappointing that the lashes cling together still.

Really good for something not even marketed as a long-lasting formula.

--Value for money--
While I like this, I don't like it enough to trade it in for my Avon Daring Curves.

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