Sunday, 13 December 2009

Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream

RRP: £14/75ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Rich, restorative cream improves moisture barrier in the skin and the condition of cuticles and nails. Keep hands moisture rich all day long."

Not quite as it is in the picture - the Clinique 'C' is silvery, for instance, and the rest of the writing is orange. The lid opens well and closes securely, though, and you don't get cream collecting in the lid like in some flip-top tubes. I do definitely like the orange writing, as it serves to enliven the yellow of the lotion and make the tube stand out.

Rub into hands as needed, or use as part of an at-home manicure.

A pure, soft-looking pale yellow lotion that leaves no visible residue on the hands after use.

The camomile in this cream is certainly detectable, but subtle. However, this cream also contains lots of obscure ingredients, such as gentian root, birch, barley and meadowfoam, which probably also contribute to the overall high-quality and generally pleasing effect.

Perfectly soft, without being stiff, runny or lumpy; rubs in easily and is not greasy or oily.

Has the same miracle effects as my usual choice of Atrixo, banishing dry skin patches with astonishing speed. Equally, so little is needed each time that one tube could last you a couple of winters, even with everyday use.

--Value for money--
This is definitely a great way to add a touch of luxury to your winter routine at a relatively affordable price. While plenty of other everyday hand creams, such as Atrixo, will do the job just as well, sometimes it's just nice to be able to throw a little bit of indulgence into your bag of winter essentials.

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