Sunday, 28 February 2010

Cosmetics & Beauty News February 2010

Keeping beauty safe
Even despite the various medical advances that abound in our world today, you could argue that we are unhealthier as people are either too fat or too thin, consuming more of the wrong things, and interacting in increasingly polluted environments. The Safe Beauty Association takes this to another level, wanting consumers to be more aware of health issues in beauty, whether at the makeup counter or in professional salons, and encouraging a desire to decrease cross-contamination and diseases such as conjunctivitis. Launched in December, the programme is already gathering momentum and offers both individual and corporate membership as well as training and accreditation, bringing this issue deservedly into the spotlight. Find it at

Going your own Wei
With the arrival of Wei Beauty at SpaceNK, your skincare regime can truly be allowed to go its own way through the use of traditional Chinese skincare methods, there being four categories of product so that you're sure to find something to suit your skin. Choose the Chi range to purify with Chinese rose cleanser and pomegranate buffing beads; elect to energise with the Yang range, which contains jujube and goji berries to revitalise; replenish with Yin, which uses mulberry, safflower and lotus to nourish; and, for those of you with acneic skin, bring a sense of Zen to your bathroom with the range that uses lychee and chrysanthemum to correct, balance and restore congested skin. Available from Space NK now, starting at £15.

Incanto the Sixth
Salvatore Ferragamo is launching the latest addition to the Incanto perfume series this month, entitled Incanto Bloom. With so many floral undertones - freesia, champaca, grapefruit flowers, and tea roses - it's bound to attract the girly girls, but the added cashmere wood and musk make it more unusual and intriguing. And, starting at £29.50 for 30ml of EDT at, it's affordable too.

Scorsese's scorching Chanel project
Start thinking ahead Christmas, or perhaps get this one for your boyfriend or fiancé "just because": Chanel's new fragrance for men is sure to provide an edge to the world of aftershave, with its adverts being directed by Martin Scorsese and starring the suave French actor, Gaspard Ulliel. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't break until August 2010, just missing Fathers' Day. No further details about the fragrance are available yet, but with these two involved, it's likely to be simultaneously classic and on trend.

Stella's solid scent soars into stores
Following Jean-Paul Gaultier's solid perfume-cum-necklace last January, you can now team it with (or compensate for, if you didn't buy it) Stella McCartney's effort, the solid version of Stella, which is now available for $49 in the US, and is true to the original Stella, retaining its notes of mandarin, rose, peony and amber. In the UK, it's yours for free in Debenhams when you purchase any 50ml fragrance from the designer. I'd say that sounds like a bargain of the first order. A stylish and classic addition to any outfit!

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