Friday, 26 February 2010

Snowberry Deep Cleanser

RRP: from £25.50 for 15ml
retails at Harvey Nichols

--What does the promo say?--
"Perhaps the world's only cleanser formulated entirely from natural herbal oils, such as precious Neem, Inca Inchi and Passion fruit oils. An extraordinary, deep cleansing lotion, uniquely designed to remove stubborn makeup while maintaining ideal skin pH."

The boxes and pump-action plastic bottles in which the Snowberry products come are instantly attractive, featuring kitschy cartoon people holding banners that bear simply expressed but eloquent slogans about life. The brightly coloured drawings on a white background offset the calm that is created by the sophisticated opacity of the bottles, meaning that these products should appeal to a wide-ranging audience. The plastic bottles are recyclable but hard-wearing, simply designed but easy to use.

Snowberry advises that you can just smear this cleanser straight onto your face, but it's just as effective if you add a few drops of water and allows you to spread it over your face more easily (but don't expect any lather). Rinse off and follow with toner and moisturiser as normal.

The gel is bright orange and reminds me of a tangerine Body Shop shower gel that I had when I was younger. This doesn't leave any residue on your face after rinsing, but do expect it to turn your face cloth a bit orange, and don't be surprised if when you use toner there is also a trace of orange on the cotton pad too.

The most gorgeous of all of the Snowberry products that I have tried; a rich, natural, tangy tangerine that really wakes you up in the morning.

Very strange; not viscous like your usual gel, and not oily either. More velvety, while still remaining distinct from moisturisers. This is nice :)

--Effects on the skin--
Skin appears smoother, calmer and retextured with tone seeming more refined. For a couple of days I was also under the illusion that my acne was improved too. However, this latter effect certainly dissipated after a few days, when my skin returned to its usual sorry state. However, I was certainly very impressed in the beginning.
Snowberry's range, though, is also supposed to be anti-ageing, and seeing as I'm still under 25 I was in a fairly fortunate position to begin with, but I can't say I saw any miracles happen in this area.

--Value for money--
This is very tricky; the 50ml version of this breaks the bank at nearly £50, and £25.50 for just 15ml is pretty steep as well, especially since the initially promising effects on the skin don't seem to stretch into the long-term. While Snowberry is certainly different and appealing in its approach and ingredients, it still needs to consider how it compares. For £25.50 at Boots, for instance, you can have a whopping 400ml of an Estée Lauder cleanser, and brands such as Clinique and Dermalogica offer 200-400ml of cleanser for less.
To put this into perspective, 1.5ml of the Snowberry product lasts approximately fourteen days, meaning that 15ml would last about four and a half months, at a cost of around 18p a day. If the effects lasted, I would be more than happy to pay this. However, their ephemerality calls this into question. Shame, as the product itself is just lovely.

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