Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Betty Hula Body Moisturisers

RRP: £14.99/120ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Here at Betty Hula we believe in honest, natural beauty. All of our products have been handmade using traditional techniques and the finest quality, fairly traded natural ingredients. This stylish range is laced with a selection of delicious and exotic Hawaiian inspired scents to stimulate your senses as your body is pampered. Traditional values with a contemporary twist. Delicately applied every day your skins youthfulness will be brought to life. Good for relieving signs of stretch marks, scarring, dry/sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin and for soothing sun burn."

The Hawaiian theme of this brand is pretty, cheeky, feminine and exotic, as well as being very different to other brands currently on the market. But don't mistake this for some wishy-washy brand: the pots' bold colours also pack a punch (orange for Champagne & Spice, green for Kiwi & Lime, and pink for Rum & Blackcurrant). The sample sizes I was sent didn't feature these, but the screw-top lids look secure and durable.

The Betty Hula website advises "[applying] delicately to your body after a shower or bath or as part of your nightly routine." This is not only easy enough to do but the strong scent also relaxes you in time for bed, too.

And speaking of which, the scents of these body butters are not only distinctive and authentic but true-to-life too: what you see on the packaging is definitely what you get, with the Champagne & Spice being my clear favourite as well as the variant that strikes me as being the most unusual. The least true-to-life is possibly the Rum & Blackcurrant scent, with the rum not coming through as clearly as I had thought it would. It's also unclear where the scents come from; given Betty Hula's philosophy, I'd like to hope these come from natural sources such as essential oils, but this is only going to go so far (when's the last time you walked into a hippy store and found a rum essential oil on the shelf?) and so it would be nice to have the origins of the different scents made more transparent to go with the basic composition of the body moisturiser (which, FYI, is made up of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E).

All of the moisturisers are an off-white colour, which sinks invisibly into the skin.

--Texture and consistency--
Not at all greasy or slippery; thick and luxurious while still absorbing quickly and well.

--Effects on the skin--
Keeps skin soft and smooth; I haven't had a beautician complain about my dry body skin for months, which is something I used to hear quite frequently. Would definitely consider this as a long-term maintenance product for between waxes for use around the legs and arms, as well as on the bust and stomach as a luxury product.

--Value for money--
We are really in luxury territory here with this being more expensive than any body butter you will buy on the high street for the same ml. However, to my mind it really is the perfect product, combining effective body improvement with the feeling of a luxury at-home spa experience. Would definitely have that Champagne & Spice smell filling my bedroom any day of the week.

perfect partner
Betty Hula 'The Secret' Anti-Ageing Oil, £15.99/50ml

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