Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

RRP: $9.99 at and Target (if you are resident in the US); $20 on ebay (if you live elsewhere)
--What does the promo say?--
  • Create a nearly flawless face with this exclusive quartet of concealers by makeup master Sonia Kashuk
  • Includes 2 shades of concealer,1 neutralizer and 1 translucent powder
  • Also includes 2 applicator brushes, 1 nylon and 1 sable
  • Sleek case boasts a small mirror and fits neatly into a purse or cosmetic bag
  • Used For: Concealing
  • For Use On: Face
  • Cosmetic Palette: Light Tones
--About the brand--
Most famed in the UK for its makeup brushes, this brand was founded by Sonia Kashuk, a makeup artist who used to work for Aveda, upon entering a partnership with American superstore Target in the late 1990s. It retailed also for some time at SpaceNK in Great Britain, but for some reason is now no longer retailing in the UK at all, so inspired UK buyers will have to ferret it out from elsewhere.

The white, ELF-style packaging is not particularly inspiring, but at the budget prices at which it is being sold by Target, this is forgivable. This concealer quad also comes with a mirror and a couple of brushes (half decent ones too; no more scratchiness for me), although you are of course still free to get in there with your fingers if the mood should thus take you.

Use the brushes or your fingersto apply the neutralizer (I think it's the darker colour on the bottom row) before applying your foundation. Apply one of the two concealers (or a mixture of the two) after your foundation and then set with powder (one is included in the set, but it is rather small, so you will need to supplement it with another). Some great information and advice on neutralizers and concealers can be found here. While I'm not sure I"ve exploited the neutralizer to its full potential at present, it's already a very easy palette to use to achieve amazing effects and I can't see that changing.

I used this palette for my wedding, and even though, as I mentioned above, I don't think I used it to its fullest capacities, I still got so many positive comments on how flawless my skin looked - so it's certainly true that for me and my skin the shades provided were a perfect fit, covering blemishes 100% in conjunction with foundation and powder, and giving a totally natural, non-caked-on effect.


--Texture and consistency--
The concealers blend in beautifully while still providing heavy-duty coverage, and the powder is incredibly light and controllable. Full marks all round really.

--Value for money--
This is a tricky one. In the US it is sold as a budget brand, whereas when the brand launched in Great Britain at Space NK, prices skyrocketed (this same palette was selling there for £21, as opposed to the $10 it goes for in the US). So clearly for $10 it is amazing value - professional quality at layman's prices. For £21 (the UK recommended RRP), things become less clearly cut. However, it's still absolutely worth your while to hunt it down - I'm glad I did.

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Sheefa F said...

It's a shame how expensive it is in the UK :( I think I might try and find a bargain on amazon or ebay :) Sounds amazing though!


BiancaP said... sadly won't ship Sonia Kashuk stuff to the UK :( but ebay and Bonanza both will. Or if you have any friends or family going to the US soon get them to get some for you :)

Unknown said...

I think I saw one in Amazon before. Not really sure. But probably they won't really be shipping that one to UK. Hmm. I had a friend and one of my gifts to her was this Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette. She loves it. Really. :)

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