Sunday, 6 May 2012

Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion

RRP: from £18 for 250ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Packed with extremely nourishing active ingredients, this product immediately and moisturizes the skin, which regains its softness and elasticity. Grape-seed Polyphenols prevent premature ageing of the skin, gingko biloba activates microcirculation. Protected and revitalized, your skin is firmer and more luminous for all day moisture. Its luxurious texture is quickly absorbed and wraps the skin in a delicately perfumed, velvety veil."

The opaque plastic allows the white body lotion to be clearly seen, meaning you've always got an idea of how much you have left. The pump-action is easy to control (although offers no extra protective lid for travel) and visually it's clear yet understated, with the grapevine imagery fitting well with the rest of Caudalie's products and philosophy. The white and green colour scheme helps to make this a unisex offering.

Massage into clean dry skin in the morning and/or at night and leave to soak in. It's as simple as that!

The white lotion leaves no visible residue on the skin once the product has been rubbed in.

Clean without being chemical; along the lines of cotton and soap, so it should appeal to all. A shame none of the main ingredients seem to be detectable. A neutral scent that doesn't interfere with perfume.

--Texture and consistency--
Creamy and completely luxurious. Not at all greasy. Sinks into skin extremely well.

--Effects on the skin--
Definitely reduces dry skin on the body and leaves you feeling soft and stroky :)  No comments from the beautician during my waxing sessions at how dry my skin is (which they have commented on in the past). Now, if I could just find something so balancing for my facial skin, all would be well!!

--Value for money--
At £18 for 250ml (and £26 for 400ml) it's certainly not cheap, but it's still an affordable treat for sure, giving your life a little bit of salon luxury every day. L'Occitane is the main competitor in this price bracket and I feel Caudalie have pitched their product well here. The scent may not be that exciting, but it's a simultaneously luxurious and effective product. Wrap yourself in a big white fluffy towel and enjoy!

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