Monday, 11 November 2013

Pure Chimp Natural Cream

RRP: from £9.95

--What does the promo say?--
"We wanted to create a true 100% natural cream because we know the less a product is processed the more benefits you will get. After lots of testing (no animal testing) with wonderful natural ingredients we created a super hero amongst creams.
other benefits of our 100% natural cream
100% Natural = More Nutrients = More Benefits. Hemp oil and wax will help to soothe your skin. Safflower oil will give your skin the essential fatty acids it needs to add a glow. Super high in naturally occurring Vitamin E - good for healing your skin. We use Hemp Seed Wax in our natural cream (a rare ingredient), which allows your skin to breathe & is easily absorbed. A lot of natural creams use beeswax, which just sits on your skin. A nice long shelf life of 18 months. Apply to your face, body, hands, feet or hair. Suitable for ages 3+. In extreme cases can be used alongside steroid creams.
Every single ingredient: hemp seed wax, safflower oil, hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, lavender oil, wheatgerm oil. That is all!"

The black and white colour scheme and line drawings are reminiscent of other unisex crowd-pleasers, such as Edward Monkton's amusing doodles. The screw-top pot is solid and easy to use, ensuring that you can get every last drop out of the pot.

Rub into dry skin anywhere on your body. Depending on your skin it could be a bit rich for your face, but you should be able to use it without problems on your hands, feet, legs, arms, etc.

A yellowy, thick, slightly grainy cream that nevertheless rubs invisibly into the skin.

The lavender oil is immediately released when rubbed into the skin, fragrancing your body and the room. The other ingredients aren't really detectable.

--Texture and consistency--
While the main ingredients aren't detectable in terms of scent, they come into their own when it comes to moisturization. Despite the cream's slightly grainy texture, it absorbs quickly, and you can really feel the benefits of the sunflower, safflower, hemp and wheatgerm oils.

--Effects on the skin--
Even stubborn skin is moisturised as nature intended. Fab!

--Value for money--
A very reasonably-priced and effective natural product, from a brand whose offerings could easily rival those of Lush. Can't wait to buy more when my sample runs out. Wonderful stuff :)

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