Thursday, 31 July 2014

Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

RRP: £12.50 for 20ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Salicylic acid effectively targets and decongests pimples. Antibacterial lemongrass and mandarin help control breakouts, ginger reduces inflammation and rosehip aids repair."

This slim squeezy tube is distinguished by its dark pink stripe and silvery lid, offering a contrast to the discreet whiteness of the rest. The whole ensemble therefore looks sophisticated and adult, unlike anti-blemish brands aimed at teens, which can look garish. Acne sufferers in their 20s and 30s can therefore tackle their spots without being afraid to display the products in their bathrooms.

Trilogy says you can apply this directly onto specific blemished three times a day if you like, and even with mixing it with moisturiser and applying it to the whole face twice a day does not seem to irritate or dry the skin, so I'd say feel free to go with either of these methods.

A pale yellow gel with an almost golden appearance, which fades invisibly into skin.

Nothing discernible, despite what you'd expect to be a highly pungent ingredients list (which includes ginger, mandarin, lemongrass, and others).

--Texture and consistency--
Unlike some anti-blemish gels, which can be sticky, this sinks in smoothly, whether used alone or mixed into moisturiser.

--Effects on the skin--
I saw a positive improvement without drying out the skin, with the number of whiteheads definitely decreasing. However, I saw little effect on the number of blackheads, so I'd definitely consider resorting to Trilogy's exfoliant for this skin type to combat this problem.

--Value for money--
Although my tube began to run out more quickly than I'd have liked, this was perhaps to be expected when you're using the product over your whole face and not just individual blemishes. Plus, as I was sent mine for free by Trilogy's lovely PR, it was an excellent experiment that resulted in me feeling that I would a) recommend this product to others and b) purchase it for myself in future. Doesn't always happen, that :)

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