Saturday, 6 June 2015

No7 Beautiful Eyebrows Kit

RRP: £12.50

--What does the promo say?--
"No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Kit lets you create perfectly defined brows for face-framing flattery. The combination of wax, powder and highlighter means goodbye to unruly brows. Top Tip- Try mixing the brow colours together to create your most natural shade."

The ovular black compact is a little bulky, but nonetheless sophisticated in its simplicity. You are also rewarded by a generously-sized mirror, good quantities of product, and two brushes that are convenient for travel.

My PR version arrived with no instructions, so I had to work out for myself that clumsily poking the brow brush into the wax would be an error. I resorted to applying the colour with the angled brush before smearing the wax on with my finger and using the brow brush to tidy. The highlighter seemed a little redundant for a few days, but is also easy enough to apply should you have the inclination: again, use a brush or your finger.

My brows are quite dark (contrarily to my naturally blonde hair), and both colours fill in brows effectively for a bolder, more defined look without seeming artificial. Those with lighter brows might want to stick with the lighter colour only, though (although of course you can mix both colours if you like). The wax is also handy for taming unruly hairs, and the highlighter gives a nice shimmery look that is great for a summer glow without making you look like an 80s reject.

Nothing discernible.

--Texture and consistency--
The brow colours blend nicely without sending powder everywhere and it's easy to pick up the colour on the brush. As mentioned, the wax does its job well without weighing brows down or making them look like you've decided to apply Brylcreem to them. The highlighter also has a delicate texture - again, not feeling weighed down is so important for summer skin.

Holds well throughout the day, without smudging or fading.

--Value for money--
A little goes a long way with this kit, and it's a practical purchase that travels well too. Would recommend.

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