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Cindy Joseph Boomstick Trio

review by Sarah Cross
RRP: $76 for the trio; $27 separately. Also available in a lipbalm size for $32 (trio) or $12 (separately)
--What does the promo say?—
“In purchasing this product you have joined me in the pro-age revolution.  It is time for every generation of women to wear their age and features proudly. Boom is for women who want to reveal their genuine beauty with an honest and realistic approach. I find women are most attractive when they are taking a joy in living.  Experiencing pleasure revs up a woman’s circulation bringing colour and sheen to her face. Boomsticks create that same colour, glow and radiance in one easy application. Boomsticks are environmentally conscious. No extra-packaging, no animal testing, no parabens or phthalates, made with safe ingredients.
Initially conceived as a range of cosmetics for the mature woman, the Boomstick Trio, consisting of Boomstick Glo, Boomstick Color and Boomstick Glimmer. can be used by women of any age who want to cultivate a natural look.
[Boomstick Glo is] a clear 100% organic moisturiser! It adds a sensual, dewy glow while nurturing your skin.  Seals moisture in and keeps dryness out. A multi-tasking moisture stick you can apply to the delicate skin around your eyes, all over your face, neck and lips. You can even use it on your cuticles and anywhere you want protection, sheen and moisture.
[Boomstick Color] a multi-tasking stick for all your colour needs! Use it as a lipstick, a blush and an eyeshadow. You can apply it anywhere you want sheer, creamy and believable colour, creating a natural, healthy blush to your skin. Boomstick Color is for every skin tone.
[The Boomstick Glimmer is f]or all over lustre and radiance! Tinted the palest champagne, this Boomstick will add a pearlescent shimmer to eyelids, lips, cheekbones, brow bones, shoulders or wherever you want an extra special glimmer to your skin.” ”  
As the promo states, there is no superfluous packaging. BOOMSTICKS are simple 8g make-up sticks that you swivel to use, like a lipstick. The containers are chubby and white with the colourful BOOM! logo in pink and red. Each stick has a different coloured label on the top so it can be easily identified. Once you take the lid off the stick there is a clear cap for protection inside.
The Boomstick Glo (the image on the left in the picture above) is a solid, waxy-looking, honey-coloured stick that leaves moisture, no colour, when applied.
The Boomstick Color (in the middle in the above image) looks quite dark red and has a lovely shimmer. It is initially quite dark on the face when applied. Rubbing in accentuates this redness for a while but, once the skin has calmed down, the result is a natural, healthy blush so be patient! Used as a lipstick, it is the perfect shade to enhance your lips without exaggeration.
The Boomstick Glimmer (in the right in the picture above) is a solid stick with a creamy, shimmery, champagne-coloured appearance. It leaves a beautiful iridescent lustre wherever it is applied.
A little goes a long way! For the Boomstick Glo, use sweeping strokes across your face, neck and forehead, including the delicate eye area and then spread using your fingertips.
The Boomstick Color can be smoothed over cheeks, forehead and lips for natural colour. It can also be applied lightly outside the corners of eyes then spread using your fingertips.
The Boomstick Glimmer is applied in the same way as for the other Boomsticks but only on areas that you want highlighted. It does not need to be rubbed in. Gently slide the stick all over the eyelids or simply on brow bones, cheekbones and collar bones. It can also add a shimmer to Boom Color on lips (although this will make some of Boom Color come off on your Glimmer stick). I also like to add a touch on my nose and just above the cupid’s bow on my lips.
The Boomstick Glo has only a slight scent of honey that is not invasive or cloying - reflective of its origins in Hawaii, where it is handmade by beekeepers.
I like the fact that this make-up has no strong scent. Some foundations have strong fragrances that clash with one’s chosen perfume. The Boomstick Color is quite neutral by comparison.  
--Texture and consistency--
The solid stick slides smoothly across the skin, leaving just the right amount of moisture. It is not greasy or sticky despite the slight shimmer. You can apply as much or as little as you like.  Good for lips too. No disappointments here!

--Effects on the skin--
The Boomstick Glo leaves a healthy glow on your skin. Skin feels soft and moisturised after application.  A pleasant day moisturiser, this is not a night cream or a ‘heavy duty’ moisturiser. For those with very dry skin, a thicker moisturiser might be needed at night.  
The Boomstick Color goes on easily, is nicely moisturising, and yet stays on well too. The first time I applied it I went for a bike ride and was immediately struck by how fresh and light my skin felt. It really felt as though my skin was ‘breathing’ and taking the oxygen in. Because it is light and not ‘cover-all’ make-up, it does need re-applying if you are going out in the evening. (But who cares? It’s speedy and fun to do!) It should be noted that BOOM COLOR will not cover flaws or spots, so you may wish to use a concealer or a light foundation underneath. There is no SPF included in this make-up because Cindy Joseph is aware of the controversial nature of ingredients used in sun protection and has decided to leave this to her customers’ own discretion.  
The Boomstick Glimmer completes the radiant and alive look. Some youtube reviewers who purchased all three sticks have expressed doubts as to whether they will actually use Glimmer on a daily basis but as far as I am concerned, it is the icing on the cake. To me, it is the essential partner to Boom Color.  
--Value for money--
The Boomstick Glo costs $27. This price compares well with other moisturisers on the market.  Shipping from America (fast, efficient and tracked) needs to be added to this. Their international flat rate shipping charge costs $13.95 and they say it takes between 7 – 15 working days to arrive. My sticks took eight working days to get from America to my home in the South of France.
My husband’s words are worth quoting here. He is not a make-up or marketing expert and has no shares in BOOM!  
“It’s all you need.  It lets YOU shine through.”
So, Cindy Joseph’s philosophy about not covering yourself up under loads of heavy make-up but revealing yourself instead, was clearly achieved by the application of these three products. As far as I am concerned, I am a Boomstick convert and the idea of travelling around New Zealand in a camper van next March with just three Boomsticks and a mascara fills me with glee!  
Cindy Joseph’s ‘pro-age’ philosophy was one of my main reasons for wanting to try the Boomstick Trio. I liked the idea of natural beauty, natural colour, glow and radiance and also the fact that you don’t have to ‘put on your face’ because you already have one! Cosmetic companies are obsessed with ANTI-age, and ANTI-wrinkle and Cindy claims that this is ANTI-US! We should celebrate our age, not be ashamed of it. The fact that all you need are three simple sticks to complete your look is also very appealing. Easy to carry with you and great for travel.
I particularly enjoyed her reference in the aforementioned videos to the Japanese art form ‘kintsugi’, where aged things are even more beautiful. That true beauty ‘reflects the whole of life and the process of growth and change’. What a refreshing thought!

--Customer service--

Some shoppers can be reluctant to order online and/or to order from overseas, so this is a topic worth covering. Customer service is speedy, efficient and friendly. Any questions by email are responded to quickly. Packages are tracked every step of the way.
The website is very user-friendly and has videos showing how to apply the make-up and explaining the philosophy behind the products. All ingredients are listed. There is a Facebook page and a blog and you can even join the BOOM CLUB to be notified of special offers and discount codes.

Cindy’s videos “Saturdays with Cindy” and her articles on http://blog.boombycindyjoseph.com cover a range of inspiring topics and include tips for covering undereye circles, ageism in our culture and transforming the way you think about age.

--perfect partners--
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