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Cindy Joseph BOOM Clean

RRP: from $32

--What does the promo say?—
“Boom CLEAN is made with a gentle cleaning agent designed for sensitive skin. Safe for everyday use on all skin types.”
Enjoy beautifully refreshed skin with a daily cleanser made from the purest ingredients. Carefully formulated to our high standards, Boom Clean gently removes dirt, makeup, and pollutants without stripping away nutrients or moisture.
Boom Clean is Safe, Boom Clean is Pure
Our carefully blended formula is good for the skin as well as body and gentle enough for everyday use. Made only with hand-selected ingredients that meet our high standards. No soaps, perfumes or impurities—just clean.”

As with all BOOM products, presentation is minimalist.  BOOM CLEAN is sold in a white bottle with a lid that flips up to dispense the product through a small nozzle.  The BOOM logo on the label has been altered to blue so that it stands out from the other products as a cleanser. The bottle is opaque so you cannot see how much is left whilst using it, although the decreasing weight of the bottle gives you a fairly good idea.

Instructions for application are as follows:
Apply to wet skin and massage over the entire area with fingers. Use washcloth if desired. Safe to use on eyes. Rinse off thoroughly with water.  Moisturise with Boom Silk, Boom Cotton, or Boomstick Glo.

BOOM CLEAN is a clear, gel-like substance.

Despite the coconut-oil derived products listed, BOOM CLEAN actually smells more of fresh lemons - which likely comes from the grapefruit peel oil that the product contains.

--Texture and consistency--
A viscous substance with a uniform consistency that feels silky on application. 
Only a small amount is required to cleanse the whole face.  It gently foams as you massage it in.

--Effects on the skin—
Skin feels fresh and deep-cleansed after rinsing. If you do not wear a lot of make-up (for example, if you are only wearing the BOOMSTICK TRIO), then this cleanser will remove it.  It will even remove a fair amount of mascara…although it is not meant for this purpose.  An eye-make-up remover is needed to clear lashes of all traces of mascara. It should be noted that if you wear more heavy-duty make-up products, then you will need to remove them properly before using BOOM CLEAN to benefit from the deep cleansing.
--Value for money--
I was given this product free to trial for Bianca’s Beauty Blog (thank you, BOOM!). At $32 for 4oz, this may seem an expensive product but as so little is used it lasts ages.  I am finding that the combination of BOOM products on my skin has definitely improved the texture and quality of my skin tone so I would purchase this for myself - even with the shipping costs included. S
ometimes it is worth placing a bulk order with other BOOM products to increase value for money. International flat rate shipping charge costs $30, and it takes between 7 – 15 working days to arrive (though some shipments have taken as little as 5 days to arrive in mainland Europe). Be sure to select this flat shipping rate option, or you may be faced with additional customs charges when your package arrives.  

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reviewed by Sarah Cross

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