Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Cindy Joseph Boomsilk

review by Sarah Cross

RRP: from $27

-- What does the promo say?—
“One body, one moisturiser! Protective, nourishing and healing for your entire face and body. Apply to the delicate skin around your eyes, your lips, your face and neck. But don’t stop there! Smooth BOOMSILK over your entire body with the knowledge you are applying only the most protective, safe and healing ingredients to your skin.”
The same ingredients as for BOOMSTICK GLO have been blended into a luxurious cream that can be used anywhere on your body.
They are purified water, organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax with propolis and pollen, raw Pupekea wildflower honey, and d-alpha Vit E.

  • Boomsilk is more alive than other skin care products which is one reason it works so well, moisturising, healing and revitalising the skin.
  • Honey is a natural collagen stimulator and attracts and retains moisture. It is a natural preservative that is the perfect ingredient for an overall eye, face, lip and body moisturiser, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Bee pollen is the primary food source for bees. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids are easily absorbed by the skin.

Remember, whatever you put on your skin ends up inside your body. (It’s why the patches work!) BOOM SILK is pure and clean. There are no emulsifiers, no binders, no colour additives and no perfumes. As with BOOMSTICK GLO, there is no SPF included because of the controversy surrounding these products."

-- Packaging--
BOOMSILK pots are simple white plastic pots with the colourful pink and red BOOM logo printed on the side. On first opening the pot has a seal which is easily removed.

-- Application--
A little really does go a long way. BOOMSILK can be applied on any part of your body. Just take a small quantity on your fingertips and apply it wherever you want to moisturise.

-- Appearance--
A yellow, creamy looking mixture. We are told on the website that the colour may vary because the bees are collecting pollen from different flowers through each season, so your BOOMSILK may be more yellow, or more green, depending on when the pollen was collected for your particular pot. Cindy also warns that because BOOMSILK is such a natural product that the ingredients may separate, which means you may find a little pool of olive oil in the centre of the pot. This can easily be blended back in with a clean finger or other implement. I used BOOMSILK for over a month (in a hot climate) and this never happened.

-- Scent—
No scent.

-- Texture and consistency--
Smooth and silky, quite thick and rich. Perfect for dry skin!

-- Effects on the skin—
When I wrote my review for BOOMSTICK GLO I said that I did not feel that it was a suitable night cream for my skin, which is dry and needs lots of moisture. BOOMSILK fulfils that need. As BOOMSILK is manufactured as an ‘all-over’ body moisturiser, I decided to give it the biggest challenge it could have, which was to moisturise my feet after a summer of exposure to pool and terrace. Just a few applications at night helped my cracked and dry heels heal and returned them to their soft, silky selves. BOOMSILK does leave your skin looking quite shiny after application. (BOOMCOTTON has been produced for those who do not wish to have this shiny effect – review to follow.) It is also worth noting here that BOOMSILK has been reported as helping to calm or even cure eczema and, apparently, teenagers have also reported that their blemishes or acne has disappeared. I don’t have these problems so cannot report on this.

-- Value for money--
8 oz of BOOMSILK costs $58. This price compares well with other good quality moisturisers
on the market, particularly if you are using it for many purposes and not having to purchase
other creams for hands and feet etc. So I would purchase again, even though shipping from America (fast, efficient and tracked) needs to be added to this. The international flat rate shipping charge costs $13.95 and they say it takes between 7 – 15 working days to arrive. My products took eight working days to get from America to my home in the South of France.

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Customer service is speedy, efficient and friendly. Any questions by email are responded to quickly. Packages are tracked every step of the way.
The website is very user-friendly and has videos showing how to apply the make-up and explaining the philosophy behind the products. All ingredients are listed. There is a Facebook page and a blog, and you can even join the BOOM CLUB to be notified of special offers and discount codes.
Cindy’s videos “Saturdays with Cindy” and her articles on her cover a range of inspiring topics and include tips for covering undereye circles, ageism in our culture and transforming the way you think about age. I particularly enjoyed her reference to the Japanese art form ‘kintsugi’, where aged things are even more beautiful. That true beauty ‘reflects the whole of life and the process of growth and change’. What a refreshing thought! Join the pro-age revolution! Get connected, get inspired and feel good about yourself!

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