Friday, 14 September 2007

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation Compact

RRP: £11.50/12g
no. of shades available: 6

--What does the promo say?--
"Stay Perfect Foundation Compact for a long-lasting, flawless finish. Help your skin stay beautiful from morning till night, with this incredibly silky long-lasting foundation. Easy to apply wherever you are, it's flattering in any light, keeping you picture perfect all day long.
* Hypo-allergenic Fragrance free
* with SPF 15
* Vitamins A and E"

It's a good-looking black plastic flip-top container, in an oval shape, with the No7 logo on the lid in gold. A sponge and mirror is included and the foundation and sponge compartments sort of curve into one another, making up an oval shape together. The opening of said compact, however, is a little deceptive - there's a little ridge that looks like you should grab hold of and lift from, when in reality this is only the spring. You actually need to grab the side of the lid, using the flat of your finger or thumb rather than the tip, and lift up. Even then it doesn't always open on the first go.

Wipe the sponge onto the foundation and then apply directly to your face. However, this is not as easy as it sounds as it's easy to apply unevenly, particularly around the eyes, mouth and nostrils, so make sure you check your work before doing the rest of your makeup.

Quite smooth to start with, but my face felt greasier as the day went on. However, I wore it on quite a hot day, so on a cooler day it may fare better.

It does give pretty impressive coverage, and I find myself nodding at No7's claim that the foundation helps towards a flawless appearance. However, just make sure to check for uneven patches on application. I found that the shade of foundation was very compatible with my skin, though I'm not sure if there are enough shades available for darker skins.

Even with my bad skin, I found one layer enough for decent coverage. I don't know whether this means it's too thick for people with good skin to use happily.

--Value for money--
It's perhaps a touch more expensive than I was expecting, though it contains an SPF and additional vitamins. You also get less foundation than this size of the compact would make it appear, perhaps owing to the inclusion of the sponge. However, the coverage is excellent and as a foundation I would heartily recommend it.

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