Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wet 'N' Wild Rouge Powder

RRP: £1.99
no. of shades available: 3 in the UK, 6 in the US

--About the brand--
Wet'N'Wild is a budget beauty brand which can be bought in the US and the UK, and it is readily available to purchase online.

--What does the promo say?--
"There’s nothing like fabulous, just-flushed colour to warm your look and contour your face. Silky powder formula strikes the perfect balance between soft-colour coverage and sheer transparency for a natural, radiant glow. Luxurious formula goes on as smooth as silk. Accentuates cheeks and face with natural highlights."

A silver plastic flip-top box approx 3 inches by 2, with the brand logo clinging to the bottom right-hand corner vertically in silver writing. There's also a window so so you can see the blusher, with the brand logo embossed into the powder itself. Easy to open, doesn't come open unless you want it to, and comes with its own mirror and (very soft) brush. It doesn't give any illusions about its price tag, but it's more than adequate (though I wouldn't recommend it if you're particularly snobby about packaging).

Use the brush provided to dab the powder before applying to the apples of your cheeks. I say 'dab' because stroking the brush over the powder picks up far too much blush, which you'll then have to rectify. Best to just dab - you can always add more but it's more difficult to take away if you've done too much. What's that they say about less being more...

Smooth and fine - impressive in the face of its cheapness!

The colour is far stronger than it appears in the box - hence the dabbing recommendation! However, if you do overdo it, it's easy to rectify, and it can produce a lovely rosy effect when applied correctly.

This blusher didn't last as long as I had liked, perhaps due to the fact that today was hot and any sweat/excess sebum production may have made it slide off, and perhaps due to the fact that I applied very little blusher in the first place and didn't make an effort to reapply it during the day either. I also forgot to apply my usual finishing powder to set the makeup. On another day the results may have been better.

--Value for money--
While the range of colours available could be better, this is an excellent low-cost find once you've worked out how to best apply it for your skin tone and the needs of your skin.

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