Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

RRP: £6 for 100ml

--What does the promo say?--
"A mild oil-free and soap-free foaming cleansing gel. Effectively deep cleanses to clear open pores and rinse away excess oils, make-up, impurities and daily grime. Leaves the skin feeling cleansed, purified and refreshed with a shine-free, matte finish."

Pretty simple really. Plastic transparent bottle, with a flip-top lid on which the bottle stands. The label is turquoise and unisex, with the product information on it in white, easy-to-read font, and is also sufficiently waterproof that it doesn't peel off in the shower. The flip top lid is easy to open and close, and no gel escapes from it. All in all, pretty functional.

Just flip open the lid, squeeze a little into your palms/onto your fingertips, lather up with some water. Rub all over your face (of course avoiding the eye area), and then wash off.

As with the Murad gel that I tried before, it's a yellowish gel, which isn't especially attractive. However, it leaves no visible residue or staining on the skin. In the shower it lathers well into a white foam.

It's a smooth gel that's just the right consistency - not too runny and not too lumpy.

Smells just like soap - no detectable scent of salt, seaweed or tea-tree like smells.

--How does your skin feel afterwards?--
Smooth and clean and like it's had a really good wash. There is also no stinging or any other kind of irritation.

While this is no miracle worker, it's certainly very good at keeping the skin balanced and at a consistent level of clarity. It's definitely an everyday staple rather than some sort of wonder product, but the price reflects this and I didn't expect anything more from it, since that is how I always intended to use it.

--Value for money--
It keeps your skin feeling balanced, clean, clear and refreshed, is a day-to-day must have, and all for £6. Hardly the cheapest product on the market, but a long way from being the most expensive too, as well as being from an organisation with a vaguely ethical ethos. Score.

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Charlotte R said...

Thanks for popping by my blog! I'm loving yours, always need a few people to tell me the right sort of cleanser to buy - I'm hopeless.

I'll give this one a try though, seems nice and simple :)

Char x

Anonymous said...

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