Thursday, 20 December 2007

Urban Decay Special Sauce

RRP: £3.95/€5.49/$7.88 for 15ml

no. of available variants: 3 (glow, glisten and matte)

--What does the promo say?--
"It is a mixer for your make-up when you're in the mood for a foundation with a luminous rosy finish. Mix a little Special Sauce with your Liquid Surreal Skin and all of a sudden you have a whole new foundation. Smooth it on alone for the look of radiant health on a bare face."

A petite squeezy plastic bottle. It's transparent so that you can see the off-white lotion glistening in the bottle, with product information written on the bottle in gold. The Urban Decay logo is chunky and modern, yet simple, and is contrasted by the dainty font that's used to write "special sauce" in lower-case letters. The font colour is matched by the screw-top plastic lid, but contrasted by the silver box in which it arrives.

Unscrew the bottle, squeeze a little into your fingers, and either mix into your foundation before applying, or apply to your face alone.

Slightly too runny for my liking, but otherwise fine. It's smooth, not at all lumpy, and with no big particles of glitter.

The 'Glow' shade at least has a pink sheen to it, which helps to balance out the glitter and make the lotion appear more natural. On the skin, it gives a healthy glow with just a hint of glitter for night - presumably the 'Matte' shade doesn't have this. On the skin, it mixes very well with foundation, but I wouldn't recommend using it alone unless you have extremely good skin already.

Good - it sits on the skin well, whether worn alone or as a foundation additive. It fulfils the product brief and does what is intended.

--Value for money--
Extremely good - for such a fashionable and respected brand, the price is reasonable, particularly given the amount you need to use each time. It's a product I am proud to put with my other facial highlighters, right next to my Sephora equivalent of Benefit's High Beam.

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