Thursday, 27 October 2011

Aquafresh Ultimate + Whitening

 RRP: £1.79

--What does the promo say?--
"Keep your family's teeth in good hand with Aquafresh Ultimate Whitening Toothpaste. Aquafresh Ultimate's unique formula helps to strengthen the 30% of visible teeth, as well as helping to protect the 70% that isn't by helping to keep the gum seal tight and healthy. How does Aquafresh Ultimate protect? Above the gumline: Aquafresh Ultimate contains fluoride which helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and protect from cavities. Below the gumline: The unique antibacterial formula in Aquafresh Ultimate kills bacteria that can build up along the gum line, helping to keep the gum seal tight and healthy, protecting the tooth below. Not only this, but Aquafresh Ultimate also leaves you with fresh breath and a great clean feeling - now that is something to smile about."

The blue, white and red is fairly standard among toothpaste brands, but the fact that it stands on its flip-top lid is pretty handy.

As with all other toothpaste: just don't decide to eat the whole tube in one go and you'll be fine. Put some onto your toothbrush and brush away before rinsing and spitting.

Aquafresh's characteristic blue, white and red stripes are all there and work their way into a bluish-white foam. No visible residue is left on teeth after use.

--Scent and taste--
Very minty! All very usual.

--Texture and consistency--
Foams up well in the mouth without making you feel overloaded.

--Effects on the teeth--
Strangely, even though the whitening aspect of this toothpaste is mentioned on the tube, the promotional material still emphasises protection and strengthening above all other aspects, almost completely bypassing the whitening - making me feel like they've added this version to the range just as an afterthought. While I didn't notice any significant whitening, the blotching on my teeth (thanks to a combination of fluorosis and train tracks) was reduced even further (having already been reduced by two professional whitening treatments), so this was already an improvement. Plus, a visit to my dentist yesterday after not having gone for nearly 2 years (oops) revealed I have no cavities - so maybe this toothpaste helped in that regard too.

--Value for money--
At this price, it's in the average bracket for toothpastes, competing well with other products. I'd recommend it as a normal everyday toothpaste, even if not for whitening per se (perhaps go with a specialist, like Arm&Hammer or Blanx, for this), and perhaps also recommend using with an electric toothbrush for even better results.

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