Sunday, 12 February 2012

Andrex Washlets

RRP: from £1 for 42 wipes

--What does the promo say?--
"These moist toilet tissues can be used for all manner of tasks from removing make-up to changing nappies and may even substitute normal toilet tissue. Each pack contains cotton fresh 42 sheets, which are skin pH neutral and dermatologically tested. Also, since they re biodegradable tese washlets can be flushed away after use."

The blue and white colour scheme is appropriate for bathroom use and fits in well with the Andrex brand in general. While I don't really see the point of the display tub (as surely the plastic shield constantly being open on the main pack would cause the wipes to dry out more quickly?), I think the lightweight basic pack is great for bathroom display or for travel purposes.

--Usage instructions--
Just lift up the plastic shield and remove a wipe, closing the pack afterwards to prevent wipes from drying out. As the promotional material states, you can use it for all manner of purposes including makeup removal, general face and body cleaning, and as a substitute for normal toilet tissue. Use the wipe as you deem fit and then throw it away - either in a bin or by flushing it. All very simple, practical and hygienic.

The wipes are white, and while a slight 'sheen' can be detected, they certainly don't leave any visible residue on the skin.

Clean and fresh-smelling without seeming artificial, although annoyingly I can't work out what the scent is due to ('Parfum' in the ingredients list tells us nothing, Andrex!).

--Texture and consistency--
Smooth, soft and non-irritating to use, even when you're substituting them for regular toilet paper. Even though they are wet wipes, I didn't find the idea of using the wipes in this way as some of the users in the Dawn Porter/Andrex promotional videos, as I have used similar products before (such as these Avon ones, which are similarly priced). The wipes leave a fresh and clean feeling during and after use.

--Effects on the body--
I found these to be great especially during my period - at the time when you're feeling at your messiest and gunkiest, they're excellent in helping you to feel normal! However, I can see how they could help people freshen up in a variety of other situations, from camping to long aeroplane flights, and sleepovers to working days. Equally, while I haven't yet used them as a makeup remover or for general cleanup (even though I am possibly the world champion of hand-to-mouth coordination failure when it comes to eating food), I would consider using them for this.

--Value for money--
There are lots of promotional offers on at the moment, with some retailers selling them for £1, and others selling them at the full price of £1.95 but on a buy-one-get-one-free scheme. You get a lot more wipes for your money than many Andrex competitors, the wipes are definitely effective, and I love that they're multi-purpose. While they're perhaps a little pricey to make a permanent substitute for toilet tissue (not to mention that my husband refused to use them; I reckon they're definitely more of a girl thing), I'll definitely be taking them on our trip to New York later this month (because aeroplane toilets are generally disgusting) and keeping them on standby for the time of the month. A fantastic buy that should be in every girl's handbag and on display in every bathroom. In fact, I reckon they could even bring out shower washes (as Avon has done) to extend even further into the beauty market, tallying perfectly with this reach into everyday hygiene.

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