Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Spend Vouchers, Get Beauty Rewards!

Tesco is probably the UK's most popular supermarket, or at least the country's most talked-about. Whether you find their Florence and Fred range is to die for, love their Tesco Finest cheese crackers, or just enjoy spending your Clubcard points, it certainly has something for everyone. 

While there are Clubcard rewards for just about everything from dining out one evening to a few weeks away on holiday, even beginning beauty fanatics can benefit from the scheme. By collecting points on almost everything you can buy in store or online from Tesco (as well as by spending on your Clubcard credit card), you can convert 150 points for Clubcard vouchers worth £1.50, which are sent out to you automatically and can be spent on all kinds of treats, including major beauty brands stocked by Tesco, such as Barbara Daly and All For Eve.

Furthermore, Clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for even more extravagant Clubcard rewards for die-hard cosmetics aficionados - including special limited edition Clubcard Deals, such as the offer for Brandalley gift tokens that's available at present (if you order by March 19th, you can exchange £10-£20 of Clubcard vouchers for double their value in Brandalley tokens). Tokens are also available on a more permanent basis for beauty-based retailers such as sk:n (the UK's #1 skin clinic), ManKind.co.uk (for beauty and skincare gifts the man in your life will love) and FloatWorks (for flotation experiences in a spa environment). So whether you want to pimp up your lipstick collection, encourage your bloke to start taking care of his skin, or just get a break from the kids, you can be sure you'll find something to suit.

Getting a Tesco clubcard also couldn't be easier: you just have to go to the Clubcard section of Tesco's website and fill out the online form. The BeautyExpert tokens really stand out for me (sadly, Florence and Fred don't currently have a makeup range of their own!), and I'm sure there's something there that you'll love too. You can soon be saving on food shopping, fashion accessories, flotation treatments and foundation in no time at all.

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