Monday, 20 February 2012

I Love...Juiced Up Blackcurrant Shower Gel

RRP: £2.05/500ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Take a whopping big bite out of life! My delicious aroma is bursting with super juicy blackcurrants all ready to explode into action, leaving you with your very own bite size portion of happiness!"

Rocks the funky look with black and white basics contrasting with the purple gel, which can be seen through the plastic flip-top bottle. The bottle is also extremely sizeable (so not great for travel purposes perhaps) but carries lively and easily understandable text which engages you while telling you all you need to know, making you feel really excited about using it.

Just lather up over wet skin while in the shower, then rinse off when ready. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (or should that be blackcurrant squeezy?).

Exactly the colour of the dark purple throat tablets that you can get, matching up well with the blackcurrant idea. Doesn't leave any visible residue on the skin, frothing up instead into an off-white lather that's easy to rinse. You can also use it as a bubble bath, although not having a bath at home means that opportunities to test the product's credentials on this score have been limited.

While perhaps slightly artificial-smelling, it's definitely intense and not at all unpleasant. Plus, you can tell it's a blackcurrant scent straight away - no second-guessing required here, as is true of all the I Love...products (although unfortunately the packaging doesn't tell us anything about how this rich scent is achieved - just putting 'parfum' or 'fragrance' is not helpful!).

--Texture and consistency--
This was definitely my least favourite part of the product. Rather than being creamy and luxurious, it was viscous and gel-like - even to the point of slipping back INSIDE the bottle if you didn't squeeze hard enough. All fine on the skin once you get lathering - the foam generated is fine yet spreads well. But still. EW to the first bit.

I can't say I experienced long-lasting scent or softness on the skin with this product as compared to the other gel I'm using at present (Caudalie Pêche de Vigne). But at £2 for a massive bottle, what do you expect?

--Value for money--
It's possible that they would need to sort out the texture of this before I would purchase again - even though the smell is great, I didn't have *as* positive an experience with this product as I did with I Love...'s Lemons & Limes lip gloss and body cream. But that definitely hasn't put me off the range completely: it's a vibrant budget option without a doubt, and with scents in the range such as Strawberries & Milkshake, Vanilla & Ice Cream, and Raspberry & Blackberry still left to try, who could resist?!

*set to be exclusive to Superdrug, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled; no sign in store or online of it yet...*

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