Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dincwear Women's Muscle Back Sweat Top

RRP: £37
sizes available: S, M, L

--What does the promo say?--
"Muscle back sweat top featuring a contrast drawstring hood, marl finish, front kangaroo pocket and fitted hem line with embroidered logo detail. 79% Viscose 10% Poly 7% Angora 4% Elastane."

Dincwear's promise to combine dance, fitness and fashion seems to have been achieved in this high-quality item. The hood is great for warmth (or just shutting out the world) and the front pocket is both cosy and practical. As you can choose grey or black, the top's neutral colour goes with any bottoms that you care to wear. However, as the arm holes are rather large (which is not visible in the Dincwear website pictures) you WILL need a basic tank top or similar to wear underneath it. Again, as the top's colours are neutral, you can wear any colour. Dincwear would therefore do well to expand their range of crop tops and such in order to capitalise on this.

--Texture and comfort--
Again, this top seems to combine luxury and practicality. The inclusion of angora in the top's composition means it is supremely comfortable, which is helped by the 4% elastane (which adds stretch). Equally, the viscose and polyester are practical fabrics: viscose is structurally similar to cotton, and so allows breathability, while polyester is durable and provides insulation. As polyester does not absorb water (read: sweat), but viscose does, your clothing also doesn't get too soaked while you exercise!

Washes well, and doesn't wrinkle easily when it's just been shoved in your wardrobe after a gym session.

--Value for money--
At £37, this is not a cheap exercise top, but is comparable in both price and style to tops sold by direct competitors, such as Pineapple Studios. However, its fashionable appearance and practicality mean it will be desirable for many. Having only had mine a month or so (thanks, Dincwear PR!) I can't yet comment on its longevity, but definitely will keep wearing it to the gym to find out.

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