Thursday, 2 January 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Deodorising Foot Scrub

RRP: £1.09 for 25ml

--What does the promo say?--
"Take a seat and put your feet up. This natural Water Melon & Mint Foot Scrub removes dry and rough areas. The new anti-bacterial formula combats odour so your feet will be left feeling smooth and fresh all over."

 The foot-shaped sachet is fun and different to other foot scrubs, although the slit in the side to peel it open is not all that helpful (have scissors at the ready). The Montagne Jeunesse packaging is always fun, young and bright, and this is no exception. However, Montagne Jeunesse appears to be phasing out the sachets in favour of larger bottles, which could be less convenient for travel but more practical overall.

Massage into wet or dry feet until all rough skin is removed, using hands, a sponge or a loofah. Rinse off when done. Easy and quick.

A light-brown coloured liquidy paste with dots of darker brown (the walnut shell granules). Leaves no visible residue on the skin after use.

While slightly sweet, the watermelon scent is not too overwhelmingly. Equally, the mint scent is not that detectable, although feet still appear to be deodorised successfully, so I'm guessing the mint is working its magic regardless.

--Texture and consistency--
Rather wet, unfortunately. The only problem with this product, as it does increase wastage.

--Effects on the skin--
As mentioned, this product deodorises effectively. It also follows through on its promise with regards to the disappearance of dry and rough skin, helping to send it packing.

--Value for money--
The £1.09 sachet is an absolute steal, especially given the product quality and the fact that it will scrub both your feet about four times. However, this makes me think that this will continue with the 80ml Foot Buffer bottle, which is set to replace this (and at its size is still fine for hand baggage travel - yay!), in terms of providing value that's as good or better. Definitely would carry on repurchasing the sachets until they're no longer available, and wouldn't hesitate to upgrade to the Foot Buffer after that. Nice work from Montagne Jeunesse as always.

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