Sunday, 7 October 2007

Estee Lauder Clear Difference UltiMatte Blotting Sheets

RRP: £10.00 for 50 sheets

--What does the promo say?--
"Oil-control to go. Super convenient sheets absorb oil, won't affect makeup. Yet unlike drying powdery papers, powder-free UltiMatte Blotting Sheets leave hydration where it should be--in your skin."

A small green cardboard box, about the same size as a credit card and three times as thick. It's pale green, with the Estee Lauder logo in white and gold and some sparse product details in dark green gracing the cardboard lid, which tucks in neatly to a pre-cut out flap when you're not using it. All biodegradable, and the colours make it look very natural too, as well as being synonymous with other natural skin-healing ingredients such as tea tree oil. Very nice.

--Method of use--
Untuck the lid from the flap and pull upwards to reveal the stack of shine control sheets. Take one out, close the box and dab the sheet on your face until all excess oil is absorbed.

--How does it feel?--
The sheets are very smooth - it doesn't feel like you're rubbing toilet paper on your face.

The sheets are white, resembling cut-out rectangles of printer paper. They seem thicker and less translucent/opaque than blotting sheets made by other brands.

While the sheets do visibly absorb excess oil, Estee Lauder's claim that the sheets won't affect your makeup is a blatant lie. When I used this while wearing makeup, I could see my makeup on the blotting sheet along with the excess oil. Not good. I would also say that competing products from other brands make a better job of the shine control aspect.

--Value for money--
Not great. At £10.00 for 50 sheets, they just can't compete with the Body Shop equivalent, who sell 65 sheets for a mere £4. The Body Shop variation also seems to pick up more oil WITHOUT disturbing makeup, and what's more, the Body Shop's equivalent actually comes in two types - a tea tree version for combination, acne-prone skin, and a 'normal' one for 'normal' skin! Estee Lauder - 0, Body Shop - 1.

--perfect partner--
Sparkling Clean Oil Control Gel Cleanser, £17/200ml

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