Thursday, 23 July 2009

Avon SpectraLash

RRP: £10
# of shades available: 2

--What does the promo say?--
"Innovative mascara gives three looks in one tube - just twist up the unique packaging to customise your preferred level of volume, from a full everyday look to dramatic high-impact look. Clump-proof and flake proof. 10ml."

Very inventive, as expected, with delicate grey swirls cutting through the black as a contrast to the chunky bright purple dial on the end of the mascara tube.

With the lid still firmly screwed on, choose your level of mascara intensity. Dial up 1 for a light everyday look, 2 for a still everyday look with a little more 'hey, look at me!' factor, and choose 3 for a volumised nighttime look. Then unscrew the lid, pull out the wand, and apply normally.

There is a very definite difference between all three of the stages in terms of volume, length of lashes, and intensity. In addition to this, they are all clump-free too, giving a really professional finish.

As mentioned, the formula is clump-free; it's also very smooth and easy to apply, while drying quickly (but not too quickly).

Almost too good - it can be difficult to remove properly.

--Value for money--
£10 might seem a lot for what is essentially a high street mascara; however, the quality of the formula is excellent, and you're effectively getting three mascaras in one. I'm also so entranced by the genius of it that I can't wait to try the SpectraColor Lipstick. With a bit of luck, Avon will soon bring out a dial-up foundation à la Revlon too.

perfect partner
Avon SpectraColor Lipstick, £7

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