Sunday, 19 July 2009

Thierry Mugler Innocent Secret Crystal Shower Gel

RRP: £21/200ml from

--What does the promo say?--
"A delectable new fruity fresh fragrance that sparkles with charm and daring sensuality. Mouthwatering and mischievous, it wets the appetite for what lurks underneath seeming innocence. An enticing mix of citrus and sun-drenched fruits with delicate, dewy petals and a luscious praline swirl."

A small pale pink tube, funked up by a black flip top lid and the Thierry Mugler star. The only irritating thing about it is that the nozzle is slightly inset compared to the rest of the lid, making it difficult to make contact with your fingers as well as resulting in excess gel spills all around it. The lid closes securely, though, so there should be no leakages while travelling.

Lather up and rub over wet body during shower or bathtime before rinsing off.

A pale rose-pink gel with no sparkles, shimmer, or other unnecessary hooha. This turns into delicate off-white bubbles that leave no visible residue on the skin after being washed off.

Lives up almost completely to the description provided in the promotional material: there is a light duskiness, but the fruitiness packs a powerful punch too. Infuses the shower with its intensity, making for a pleasurable showering experience. On the skin, it is lifted to something that's completely wearable for sunny days. Only thing missing is the "praline swirl" that's talked about, but I don't think that this really leaves a gaping hole in the shower gel's concept. The innocent floweriness gives way easily to the punchy fruit secret before fusing into an overall veil of youth, femininity and summer. Surprising and sweet, it completely fits with the Thierry Mugler and Victoria's Secret brands.

Lovely smooth gel - so light that it feels like water. Very little viscosity, but still completely controllable. A high quality gel.

It didn't last for as long as I would have liked it to (not sure if it even made it to lunchtime), but after the intensity of the shower experience, it's entirely possible that after a while you just stop smelling it anyway, with it only being really perceptible to other people.

--Value for money--
This is undeniably expensive. However, you're buying into a high end brand, so it is to an extent only to be expected (especially given that said product is on its way off the shelves completely). You might need to ebay or Christmas/birthday-list it, but it's definitely a great and unusual addition to any girl's shower.

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also available at:, Macy's. EDT still available also at Victoria's Secret.

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