Thursday, 2 July 2009

Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash

RRP: £10.50/200ml bottle. Also available in 100ml (£7.50) and 30ml (£4.25).

--What does the promo say?--
"Wash daily with this divinely scented body wash. With naturally derived foaming agents plus soothing organic oats and yarrow, it leaves every skin type fresh, soft and smooth."

The tiniest available body wash is in a squeezy tube with a screw-top lid, whereas the larger sizes look like they're made from harder, thicker plastic (and it's difficult to tell whether that's a screw-top or flip-top lid in the picture). In any case, it appears that all of the packaging looks the same apart from this. It evokes calm blue oceans rather than orange flowers, but nevertheless would look nice in anyone's bathroom as well as fitting in nicely with the Liz Earle concept.

As usual really: rub onto wet body while showering or bathing, work up a lather, and then rinse off.

Exactly what it says on the bottle: the orange scent comes through just divinely.

The body wash itself is a runny transparent gel. A light white foam is created during use that leaves no visible residue on the skin once washed away.

The gel is irresistibly smooth and the bubbles appear almost immediately once you start using it. The bubbles also easily rival any artificial shower gel and stay on your body for as long as you want them to while still washing off easily.

--How does your skin feel afterwards?--
I've never really had a problem with dry body skin, so can't really report any change there (since my body skin seems to regulate itself fairly well on its own). However, it is a fairly gentle body wash, so can believe that it would soothe sensitive skins (unless, of course, you happen to be sensitive to essential oils).

Skin feels clean, soft and smooth both short and long term. Sadly, the scent doesn't really linger for long after washing (barely an hour).

--Value for money--
While this is on the expensive side for a shower gel, it really is divine to use and I love the natural foaming agents (it's mostly soap tree bark as far as I understand). The citrusy yet perfumed smell wakes you up gently and the texture means that the gel glides over your body with the greatest of care. Would definitely buy again.

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Orange Flower Hand Wash, from £4.25

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Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

I have only tried one Liz Earle product that I got through a swap with someone from London and I love it! I wish we had it in Canada!!