Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lulu's Time Bomb Rescue Mission Miracle Mineral Bath

RRP: £24/500ml
available for purchase on QVC or via www.lulusplace.co.uk

--What does the promo say?--
"Relax, Recharge and Recover.....fast! This unique formula combines the stress-relieving powers of essential oils and extracts with the soothing powers of magnesium salts. Containing a polyionic complex with the breakthrough MagnEASE hybrid, you can relax and de-stress as you bathe…helping to soak away the aches and pains of tense muscles and stiff joints. Infused with a blend of essential oils and extracts including arnica, echinacea, St. John's wort, comfrey and calendula, a warm bath will also help soften, smooth and hydrate your skin as you soothe sore, tense muscles."

The chunky see-through bottle and its metal screw-top lid provide a great modern look that's great for bathtime. The green of the liquid contrasts nicely with the pink writing on the bottle, making it really stand out from the whites, blacks and greys of the rest of Lulu's Time Bomb range. My only criticism would be that while pouring out the liquid is fine for bathing, it should come with a detachable pump so that it can also be used for showering.

 Pour generously into bath water and soak in it for as long as needed to relieve aches and pains. Can also be used to lather up quickly under the shower.

The bright green fluid (which doesn't look lurid, by the way - in fact it's refreshing and more reminiscent of spearmint and spas) in the bottle is strangely completely clear and translucent in the hand, lathering up to a delicate white foam. No visible residue is left on the skin after use.

Beautifully refreshing and unisex, with the arnica in particular coming through strongly. Perfect for revival and relaxation.

--Texture and consistency--
Quite runny and liquidy, which means that some can be lost when pouring it into your hand. The foam it lathers up to is light yet creamy and skin is left feeling soft as a result.

--Value for money-- 
This mineral bath provides an invigorating experience and the generously-sized bottle should last a long time. However, I'm still not sure that I was expecting it to cost £24, although this is in line with the prices of the majority of the Time Bomb range and is probably also influenced by Lulu's celebrity status. In addition, the natural ingredients used also make it a positive purchase for many, and it seems to sit appropriately among the brands also selling 500ml shower gels for this price (namely L'Occitane, Elizabeth Arden, Borghese and Kiehl's). I would definitely consider purchasing this as a gift for others, especially alongside the Time Bomb Survival Kit, which also seems to be excellent value - and would perhaps consider it as a treat for me too.

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