Friday, 16 August 2013

Spongeing your skin

How do you wash your face?

With a flannel, a cotton pad, a tissue, or just with your hands like on the TV?

The Konjac Sponge Company has a new idea: why not wash our faces with sponges? But not just any sponge, oh no. Their sponge (the clue's in the name) uses the konjac plant, and it's already taking off in Japan (all the best stuff seems to start there, doesn't it? First BB creams, and now this).

How it works is this: this relative of the potato is ground down into flour (which has previously been used to make noodles and thicken food) before being mixed with pure filtered volcanic water, put into moulds, fermented, steamed, and baked into shape. Different supplements are added to suit your skin type, whether it's bamboo charcoal to balance oily skin or red clay to hydrate dry skin.

The sponges hold ten times their weight in liquid, so you don't need much water. No cleanser is needed, but if you still want to use one anyway, use less than you normally would, as the sponge will make it go much further. The sponge then exfoliates gently to get rid of dead skin cells, increase radiance, and reduce puffiness.

When the sponges show signs of wear and tear (usually around the 3-month mark), their fully biodegradable qualities mean that they can be disposed of in a completely environmentally friendly way, whether you want to compost them or feed them to your house plant.

Not convinced? Try it yourself: from August 20th-24th, a pop-up shop will be running in the Marylebone district of London (specifically at 10a Blandford Street), where you can speak to experts about the best sponge for you. Pop in between 11.00 and 3.00 on any of the days above to test it out. With luck I'll be sent one to try soon, so will also be able to feed back on this spongy revolution. *tosses flannel into the wash*

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