Monday, 15 August 2016

That’so All In One SPF 20-30-50+ Protective Dry Oil Spray

RRP: £18.95

--What does the promo say?--
"Stay safe in the sun with this revolutionary SPF. That'so have been working hard in or labs to make your life easier with our internationally patented SPF. Unlike a conventional SPF that only gives you the level of protection is says on the bottle, All In One gives you 3 different levels with each application. Spray on the dry oil SPF once and it gives you SPF 20. Wait 3 minutes and apply again for SPF 30. Wait a further 3 minutes and apply a final third time for SPF 50. Contains patented formula allowing increase of SPF (20/30/50) with each spray using PROGRESSIVE SPF. Contains MELANUP, a patented ingredient which allows for the production of melanin without the need for sunlight. Contains TYR-EXCEL, a tanning activator which also ensures it develops evenly. Contains anti-ageing and moisturising ingredients: avocado, jojoba oil and Vitamin E. Water resistant.

The yellow and purple colour combination is vivid and striking - very unusual compared to other commercial suncreams, which tend to rely on the old faithful fallbacks of orange and white. Equally, the spray can format is unusual, as most of the usual options are squeezy bottles or tubes.

As mentioned in the promotional materials, the number of layers you need to apply depends on the amount of protection you require - 1 layer for SPF20, 2 for SPF30 or 3 for SPF50. Just spritz over the body and rub in, waiting a few minutes between layers. Despite having to apply multiple layers for higher protection levels, I wouldn't say you run out of this any more quickly than conventional sunscreens, as the oil-based formula goes much further and wastage is minimal.

An invisible oil which won't stain clothes and doesn't leave the white film of many commercial sunscreens.

A long-lasting, coconutty, sweet scent which is most pleasant.

--Texture and consistency--
Despite the high proportions of natural oils, this does not feel greasy at all and sinks into skin rapidly.

--Effects on the skin--
As well as effectively protecting even sensitive skins from the sun, it also moisturises well. Bonus!

--Value for money--
£18.95 for 200ml is concurrent with other high-end sunscreen ranges, such as those by P20, UltraSun, and Heliocare. Equally, it makes packing much more convenient if you don't have to carry 3 different sunscreens to the beach with you, as this does it all in one. I was sent one for free, but I'd still buy it. Good one, That'so!

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